Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Eat your greens!

"Thank you California" for providing the entire USA with so many 
special things to eat! Driving back from the north to the Bay Area we
 passed through amazing agricultural landscapes. 
Orchards of fruit trees, olives, and nuts ran for what looked like
miles toward the horizon.
Fields of cabbages, Brussels sprouts, artichokes and more. . . . . . . .
the endless swathes of green fields interspersed with rich brown soil held
 so many healthy foods.
The workers in the fields waved when we stopped to grab a few
photos - even beckoned to us, laughing, to come help pick! They work very hard,
 it must be back-breaking day after day bringing in the fresh produce in its prime.
 We need to think of them and thank them when we shop in comfort for our
 precious vegetables and fruits.

. . . . . . . and look at lucky me!  
A fabulous Birthday gift from my granddaughter who 
knows how much I love my veggies, both to eat and cook.
I am over the moon with this amazing cook book from the 
English chef and leading food authority, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
It contains everything I would ever want to prepare in my own 
little cottage - beautiful simple, colorful, full of vitality, vegetarian
Bring on the greens. . . . . and let's eat healthy.
And thank you dear Jasmin for always picking the perfect presents.


  1. I love you and hope to make something yummy with you soon! xo

  2. I love seeing fields of veggies! That book sounds wonderful. I hope you share a few recipes from it.

  3. Love your pictures of CA. Build that wall and we'd all starve. They say the midwest is the breadbasket, well CA gives us about everything else. I wish I could be a vegetarian and you, with all you do, are the inspiration for it. Have a wonderful November.

  4. Being a vegetarian for the past 40 + years, I often have to remember to Eat my vegetables . I tend to go with whatever is easiest and that is often pasta or soup and sandwiches.
    So I have started making more pasta with a vegetable sauce rather than tomato and I love grilled eggplant and zucchini on Italian bread with cheese sandwiches :)
    cookbooks are indeed fabulous gifts, says the recipient of many :)

  5. Oh if veggies tasted as good as that cookbook cover looks, maybe I wouldn't have so much trouble getting them down the hatch.

  6. Those workers in the fields do back-breaking work for such low wages. Good reminder to be thankful for not only our food, but for the people who work so hard to cultivate it for us. That looks like a beautiful cookbook - I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

  7. Amazingly good pictures and a good reality check. I have had this cookbook for over a year and have only made a few of the recipes with so many more marked for trying! It is really great book...you will love it.


  8. California is amazingly fertile for growing so many different things. With the water shortage there was real concern especially for the almond industry, as almond growing takes so much water. So glad they are getting some rain this fall. That cookbook looks amazing. I am not a veggie lover, but maybe I need to get it to help with my veggie self.

  9. I love that you love veggies! Still trying here..but am getting better, have to say. :)


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