Saturday, November 5, 2016

Vintage Village in Raleigh. . . . . . . .

I've been away from the Vintage Village and SuzAnna's Antiques far too long. 
Last Saturday I did stop by as granddaughter was 'keeping shop' for another, 
'village' store owner. Jasmin still works at SuzAnna's Antiques but is also
 available to help out at other shops.

Needless to say I made a purchase from St. Clair's!
The blue and cream linen pillow - you know I have a hard time resisting
 anything with a birdie - came home with me.

Granddaughter Jasmin 'minding the store' - a really delightful little
 antiques/vintage shop named St. Clair's Décor in the village
 next door to SuzAnna's Antiques.

Upstairs there is a tiny space filled with some lovely small painted pieces. 

Have a wonderful weekend. Hope your weather is fine.
Anyone heading out to shop - antiques, vintage or new?


  1. Dear Mary, I wouldn't be able to resist that pretty bird pillow either.

  2. Such a cute store. I like birdie stuff too.

  3. Looking at your shots Mary, I have completely fallen in love with the bird cage! I'm keeping inside for now as it is freezing outside so no shopping for me this weekend! Have a lovely Sunday xx

  4. It looks like a charming place. Love your new pillow. Jasmine is as beautiful as ever! No shopping for me until after we move :-).

  5. Lots of tempting things to buy in St. Clair Decor Mary - love the metal bird cage, and all of the nice little touches using plants and dried flowers.

  6. I envy Jasmin's job. Looks heavenly but I'd be afraid I'd spend my pay check there!

    Hope all is well with you, Mary. Can you send an email soon to catch up?

    Jane xxx

  7. I really like the grey-white chest of drawers. It would look completely out of place in my flat, but it is beautiful.

  8. What an wonderful place! I love every piece there!

  9. Ooh, I see a lot of "pretties"! Love that bird pillow. Yes, I did some antique shopping yesterday! All I came home with was a green bakelite ring.

  10. I saw several things that would entice me in your photos. The bird pillow is grey too, just perfect for you.

  11. What a lovely place. I just love the rolldown desk (although only getting to see a corner of it!) Michael's sister's house is FILLED with beautiful, vintage furniture from all over the world. I'm amazed at all of the history we're surrounded by here. x

  12. I think I'd enjoy visiting these little antique shops. I see some pieces that would fit in here. ;)

  13. I love that your granddaughter works there and how you seem to find new photos each time that makes the place look a bit different, aside from the new furnishings. Lovely. Now, does this pillow bring you JOY? :) Enjoy.


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