Sunday, November 20, 2016

A parade, an Autumn city walk, some history. . . . . . . .

We headed into town early yesterday to watch the annual Christmas Parade
prepared to do some city walking.
It was perfect weather, bright sunshine, clear Carolina Blue skies, a breeze, and
 temperatures eventually reaching the high 70's. Definitely not wintry weather
 by any means, but it certainly brought out the crowds standing or sitting ten deep
 along the parade route. The mood was cheery, it was a day full of smiles and
 happy moments.

After the parade we decided to walk the long way back to where we had
parked the car - through the city streets and on into a nearby neighborhood which we
 were not really familiar with, at least not on foot. It's good to see everyday life within
 the city confines looking neat and tidy. The houses are small, many quite old,
compared to the burgeoning suburban neighborhoods, but lovely in the Autumn 
sunshine. We chatted with people enjoying the mild weather on pretty front
 porches, stopped for coffee, and just enjoyed walking and kicking up
 leaves . . . . . . here are few photos from our pleasant hours spent in town.

Old and new - the City Market and condominiums.

 Leaves changing, and falling, at last.

 We took the elevator to the 20th floor of the downtown Holiday Inn - the huge
 difference in the cityscape was even more obvious from above!  
We have lived here almost 40 years. . . . . . . many, many changes over that time.

 Off in the distance, among the lovely trees, we were able to get a great view of
 the Holy Name of Jesus cathedral under construction. 
The 160-ton steel and copper dome, 65 feet tall, was lifted into place last March
 by a special crane built on site. Expected to open in Autumn 2017, this cathedral
 will serve 2,000 worshippers at a time. The city's current Catholic cathedral, 
Sacred Heart, is the smallest in the United States with only 320 seats, and
 requires 11 Masses each weekend to accommodate all comers.

A coffee shop we'd not tried before where the almond croissant was one of the best ever.
We'll definitely go back!

A wonderful day in the city. Then last night we headed out again - in much
 colder temperatures - to join another merry crowd at the lighting of the
 Christmas tree in our midtown North Hills neighborhood. 
A busy but most enjoyable run-up to the holiday season for us.


  1. Raleigh is a beautiful city. I loved the fall pictures!

  2. Seems a little early to have a Christmas parade and light the Christmas tree, but it looks all very nice and bringing out happy crowds with smiles on their faces is always a good thing!
    Love the autumn walk pictures, and my favourite of this bunch is the porch with the two rocking chairs with flowery cusions. I like to imagine the people living in that house, and sitting side by side on their porch to enjoy a mild autumn afternoon together.

  3. Beautiful Mary and the perfect run up to Christmas ..... the photograph of the street with the autumn trees is AMAZING !! XXXX

  4. Raleigh looks like a wonderful place to have lived in for almost 4 decades, you must have seen many changes. What perfect weather you had for the parade and your perambulations around town afterwards, why not share your mosaic with us at Mosaic Monday today?

  5. Christmas before Thanksgiving? How odd. Great photos though, I love the two rockers on the porch.

  6. What a wonderful set of photos of your day in town. I love the views of the city from the sidewalk to the birds eye view from the hotel. That cathedral is amazing to see these days and will be a beautiful new landmark when it is completed. I really like the photo of the trees along the leaf littered sidewalk too. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

  7. your post translates simply your blog name dear.
    your photos are cure to tired mind and soul .
    loved my visit dear

  8. The Autumn leaves are beautiful, and never fail to make me smile. Your city looks very attractive, and I am fascinated to see the construction of such a large Catholic cathedral. Sadly, in Australia these days, the churches are closing, parishes are combining, and the vast majority profess no religion at all. I love to visit vibrant cathedrals when we travel to Europe and North America.

  9. How fun to walk with you here. How I would love to do that in person. Sweet little cottages and leaf strewn sidewalk.

  10. That all looks soooo lovely. Love those tree lined streets and yes, even that Santa looks totally authentic. Mind you, I wouldn't blame Father Christmas for stopping by Raleigh at all.

    I didn't think, btw, cathedrals were still built anymore! Good to know. I hope it is beautiful. you know, they jsut don;t make churches like the used to, right? ONe of my fave things when in England, even London, is the propensity of gorgeous little, seemingly empty little churches filled with incredible intricate carvings of stone and wood and stained glass that leaves one speechless with its reverence and beauty.


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