Friday, November 11, 2016

A little early music. . . . . . . . .

Yes, it has started already.
The good and bad music of Christmas in public places, especially stores.
Thanksgiving is still two weeks away. Pumpkins are still colorful decor at front doors, 
on steps, in gardens, in windows, and on sale for very little. 
Don't forget many types are edible, healthy and delicious, buy them and roast them.  
So why oh why do they start Deck The Halls and Rudolph so early! 
 By the time Christmas arrives we have grown tired of much of the holiday music.
I do love the season of Christmas with all its trappings, but I don't want it quite yet!

Decor (above) at my local Anthropologie store is starting to look 
a little like the holidays are coming, attractive and as always, 
unusual non-traditional displays. . . . . however the canned Christmas
 music was completely over the top yesterday, loud and annoying.
 I could have screamed or complained, but I did neither, polite 
wimp that I am!

Tonight I will take my 'soldier' out to dinner for Veterans/Armistice Day and
thank him yet again for his service to America in the '60's.
This was also my parents wedding day and both were serving Great Britain
 in the Royal Air Force during WWII in the '40's.
I'm thankful for all veterans and their service to their countries.
It's highly likely we would not be here but for them.


  1. I agree with everything you have said Mary and, I will be thinking and thanking your soldier and remembering your mum and dad { my Dad was in the RAF and my mum was in the ATS } XXXX

  2. I will say thanks for all the veterans also, thanks to Bob. Personally I never can get enough of Christmas music, but prefer to listen just to mellow instrumentals until after Thanksgiving, then let lose with the more lively ones. On the other hand in stores they can skip it until after Thanksgiving for sure.

  3. Were those displays or for sale or your own decorations? Beautiful. Thanks to all, especially the Nam vets, as they were not met with applause on their return.

    1. Donna - their current window display, and it looks like they uses twist ties for some of the flowers! A great idea.
      Mary -

  4. It is a day to remember and to give thanks.
    I was in the Vancouver Anthropologie store a couple of weeks ago and the music was SO LOUD my daughter-in-law had to leave because of a headache. Maybe it's a policy?

  5. Even our local convenience store plays loud music. I moan at them.

  6. There are only a few Christmas carols I really love so I will listen to them soon but I'm surely not ready for Jingle Bells yet. :)Please say "Thank you" to Bob from me. hugs

  7. I too really don't want to hear the canned Christmas music right now, Mary. I love the Christmas decor, though, and you show us some very attractive and unique pieces.

  8. Thankfully, I've not yet heard any Christmas music in shops, but of course windows are being decorated and Christmassy chocolates etc. have been in the supermarket since the 1st of September.
    Our Christmas market starts in less than 2 weeks, and I am looking forward to it very much - it's one of the few things I like about winter, and which make winter bearable!

  9. Hi Mary, that is unusual and un-traditional decor for Christmas. The music is irritating especially so early on. Have a great day. Jo

  10. I've given in and decided to have all the presents bought by the end of this month so I don't have to endure the repeated old songs that fill me with dread EVERY year! If I fail, then the earphones will be going in to listen to music that I can bear :D xx

  11. Dear Mary, This is one of the most interesting and pleasing displays I have seen...and you have photographed it so well.

  12. Mary, I agree! I wish retail would not rush the seasons. I, too, like the displays at Anthropologie. They are always creative and unique.

  13. Dear Mary..... I am with you! I love Christmas, but I want to eat my turkey dinner before I hear Christmas music! Hugs!

  14. Mary, I was just in Terrain, Anthropologie's home and garden store, and they were also blasting the Christmas music! All the decor was up too, which shouldn't have surprised me but did. Thank you to your veteran. My Dad spent two years helping to guard the Panama Canal when he was in the Army! Linda

  15. I love xmas music and don't even mind it early but I am so with you, why make it so loud and abnoxious? But then again, I find most canned music too loud! I miss the days of peace and quiet in stores. Maybe someone will reinvent shopping back to how it used to be and it will take off! We were saddened to see that canned music was in ALL the stores, tea shops, etc that even last year did not have it in Scarborough.

    Anyway, more than the Christmas music being too early, I relaly don;t like that the various 24 hour radio stations that play non stop xmas music this time of year, abruptly end thier festive song at midnight exactly! It is so jarring, having listened to the music for months by then and the fact people are so ready to put xmas away and go back to work the very next day. No way, Jose! no matter what jbo(s) I ;ve had here in the US, I've ALWAYS made sure to get off Boxing Day, even when only having had 5 days off work a year! Yes, I choose to enjoy it along with the rest of the English speaking world, even if America ignores it, sad to say. Then, as you likely know from my posts, I keep xmas going through Christmastide to Jan 6th usually. :)


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