Saturday, March 11, 2017

Curtain Up. . . . . . . I have it covered!

Was it worth it?
The packing, shipping, wondering, waiting, hoping. . . . . 
. . . . . and the quite large expenditure!

I have the slip covers back from their journey to the West coast dyer!
Can't show you quite yet as we are away for the weekend. 
I did take them out of the box before leaving - they are grey now, dark
 charcoal grey - somewhat darker than I was expecting, but hoping they will look
 good once on the furniture with my antique linen pillows and some new colorful

 I'm shopping today. . . . . . . . .at Charlotte's IKEA, we don't have one yet in our city.
I'm also going to look for a rug there, and of course will check out other Spring items
 for the house and garden.

I'll be back with more news once home again. Right now all we're wishing for
is very little snow and ice so we can drive home safely to Raleigh tomorrow.
 Come on, it's almost Spring. . . . . .what is happening with North Carolina
 weather all of a sudden!


  1. Boa tarde, maravilhosa cortina, está bem concebida, votos de boas compras.

  2. OMG Mary. I thought those curtains was the fabric you ordered.

  3. I look forward to the curtain rising! We went to IKEA last week - quite a production as it entails a significant car and ferry trip to the mainland. We are constantly on the lookout for storage options for this little old cottage and IKEA does storage the best! Good luck with your shopping trip!

  4. You are brave to use such a dark color ! I always like the way dark colors look in other people's homes but when I try it, I end up going with the light, I think I hope Light rooms will keep my spirits light :)

  5. How exciting! Can't wait to see the make over/reveal!

  6. I bet they will look lovely! We are hoping the snow does not happen too!

  7. We are hoping for no snow - but we surely do have the rain. Happy shopping.

  8. Thank you popping into comment on my blog. I always keep up with your blog news and I'm looking forward to seeing those covers... I'm sure the dark grey will set off other colours beautifully. Take care on the roads, we're hoping that snow doesn't make its way over the pond!

  9. My youngest son was just in Charlotte NC and to think he was close enough to your neck of the woods but rushing through with his gf on a road trip to see her estranged dad also in NC.


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