Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cottage makeover with slip covers. . . . . . . . . . .

Was it worth it? 
Sending the slip covers across the country to change their color, and
 my living room, was definitely a leap of faith.
Showing you the new look is not easy either - the lighting in this room on
these later winter days is not the best, however I think you will get the 
feel. . . . . . . . which is a lot different from the previous bright white
shabby chic look. 

Overall I'm pleased with the slip covers. There are a few darker
marks on the chair cover, but nothing a pillow and throw can't hide!
As warned, the zippers used on the backs and the cushions were white
 polyester and they did not take the dye, however they are just about
 invisible on the furniture so that isn't a major problem for me.

For now I'm keeping the antique French linen cover on the side chair, and the 
ottoman cover, white. As the slip covers came back quite a bit darker than
expected, charcoal rather than medium/dark grey, I think I need the white 
to keep the room from looking too dark.
I picked up some new pillow covers at IKEA at the weekend - two large grey
velvet and two small indigo blue linen - which I think go well with my antique cream
 and blue covers purchased in Provence some years back, also my elephant
 cover from Pottery Barn last year, and the sweet bird on a branch pillow in
another shade of blue found here at the Vintage Village.
I like how the dark grey contrasts with my armoire painted in
 Annie Sloane's Paris Grey. . . . .also with the silver metal gym
 baskets under the coffee table, perfect storage for my magazines
 and current reading materials.
Nothing fancy here - after all this is just a small cottage, compact and comfy.
 We've lived here 30 years now, not sure how much longer, but will keep it our
home as long as we can. . . . . . . . . . because our neighbors won't let us move,
 and our garden birds would miss us, haha! 

We have a bathroom reno starting this week, followed hopefully by a
 kitchen facelift during the Summer. Later this year the exterior of the house
 will be receiving a much-needed paint job.  
It's going to be a busy year around the cottage!

This photo was taken with my iPhone and it seems to be the closest
 color match - more the shade of charcoal grey without the blue hue in the
other photos.

All in all I am pleased with the covers. I did wash them all in my washer
 yesterday (and dried them in the dryer) as I wanted to be certain the dye is
 permanent and would not rub off on light clothes - it won't, and there was no
 dye in the washing water. The covers feel lovely, much softer and for some
 reason were easier to get back on the cushions - the job I always dreaded!

The wall behind the sofa might need some work. Perhaps I'll eventually
 hang some art along with the old mirror, haven't decided yet.
So this is the new look - even Bob seems to like it which is always a 
plus - and it cost much less than new furniture for the time being!

Now I'm working on the dining room table for Spring, and eventually 
for Easter. I've definitely edited my collection of Easter items over the 
past couple of years so remaining are just my white rabbits. . . . . . and 
a few other things I'll share in a later post closer to Easter.


  1. Lighting often makes colors look so different. I first thought you had gone with a navy blue. I like the gray and it was an excellent option. It is wonderful to be able to wash slipcovers and know that things are tidy and clean. I used to have slipcovers and would like them again. Your room looks wonderful...it keeps my eye moving from one lovely thing to the next.

    1. Thanks Vee - you are always so generous with your comments. They certainly do look blueish in some pix - really hard to get the true color for some reason - I fiddled forever with the camera settings! Must admit there is more of a cool tint but that's good because I didn't want a warm tint making them look brownish in my room! I'm really loving indigo blues but thought a blue sofa and chair would be too limiting and trendy so went for the grey instead.

      Hope the storms are not too severe in Maine today!
      Mary -

  2. Your slip covers look very nice Mary, and I'm glad that you and Bob are happy with them. The contrasting pillows really pop out nicely too. I've thought of having a slip cover made for our sofa but with the pillow back it would be tricky and expensive so I live with the 'tea' green. It is a warm colour that looks nice in every season so I don't really mind it. Your bird pillow is sweet!

  3. So elegant, Mary. It was worth sending the covers away, I think. Your room looks delightful now you have put the pretty cushions around also

  4. I love your new slipcovers! The dark gray is beautiful. The white chair to the side complements the dark gray perfectly and the pillows tie everything together. Very exciting that you're having some more work done on your house. Can't wait to see what you're having done in your bathroom.

  5. The slip covers are perfect for your room - gray is the "in" color this year and I really like the darker gray you have. It gives you so many options as the seasons change. And they won't show the "dirt" at all! Great job

  6. I think they look wonderful! What a cozy, inviting room. I spy a mosaic silver tray :-)

    1. I didn't want to mention it because I was hoping you would notice it Penny dear!
      I still love it and of course it always makes me think of you. . . . . . . as you created it when you were doing your awesome mosaics.
      Mary x

  7. Looking lovely Mary .... it's nice to have a change too isn't it ? I love your home ... it's very me !!! XXXX

  8. It was a surprise with the first picture, but by the last picture I love the change. The dark grey won't show dirt as easily too. Very nice change! Have fun with other projects in the cottage. Our change won't be so romantic or fun to change, as we need to do a new roof this summer. Just thinking now and getting bids.

  9. I like it! To me, it looks very comfy and inviting, calm even. But then of course my own settee is dark grey, too :-)

  10. I love Shabby-Chic... You've done a beautiful job! What a tranquil home you have :0)

  11. Your "new" slipcovers turned out well, Mary. I like that you kept the one chair and ottoman white for lightness and contrast. Having Bob like them is definitely a plus. You'll be busy with all the updates on your cottage - but it's fun, too, choosing new things and updating the old.

  12. It all looks so pretty, Mary. All the colours I love. I noticed the covered dishes captured in the mirror.:) A very cozy room. Looking forward to seeing your dining-room again. Deb

  13. It looks great. I prefer darker colors, and you answered my one question: Will the dye rub off on clothing? Washing them first was a good idea.

  14. Loving the new look Mary!
    Thank you again for your kindness.
    Love and hugs
    Rose H

  15. Perfect balance of blue and white. Looks great Mary. A wonderful idea you had and saved a little money as well.

  16. I love your new look Mary. I have been toying with the idea of slip covers and may look into it for a change. Love your colors and your pillows. You have me thinking of making a trip to IKEA!

  17. Your room is so pretty. I love the white accents, they add just the right touch. The new slipcovers appear on my computer to be a dark navy - which I like very much. Your pillows are the perfect touch. I'd like to redo our living room - but not sure which way I want to go with it - so will continue thinking.If I do anything it would be to go lighter - that might be the reaction to the dark, rainy winter we've had this year. Planning is always fun.

  18. I thought I had commented here before, after reading this post last time but anyway...slipcovers are the best! These look great too, naturally. I woudln't expect otherwise from you, dear Mary.


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