Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Scribble Picnic - Light the LANTERN -

On chilly winter evenings - we're definitely getting them this March here in
 the southeast - we to admit to being movie/TV series watchers.
Not quite 'couch potatoes' - we feel our busy daytime activities are such
 that we can relax without guilt feelings in the later hours of the day. 
A senior citizen's right of passage perhaps!

So, for my SCRIBBLE PICNIC entry this Wednesday, I looked at lanterns
 around the cottage. There are several, decorative and functional, including
 the outdoor ones lighting entrances at night. 
I decided to create another photo/edited to a sketch/color pencil enhancement of
 this one I've enjoyed on the coffee table throughout the winter months. 
I light the candle at night, Bob builds a blazing log fire on the hearth, we switch off
 the lamps and settle down for a couple of hours watching something enjoyable.

Hope you stop here at SCRIBBLE PICNIC today to see some great LANTERN art
 being shared by many talented artists at Michael's fun weekly art happening.
Everyone is welcome to join in, you can choose your way to show your personal
creative talents, it's fun - would love to see you here.


  1. A lovely take on the theme, Mary! I love the warm tones. I like to watch TV, mostly DVDs, in the evenings too as it's how I like to unwind after a busy day. :)

  2. Mary,
    That looks so cozy and homey. We call our getaway places cottages too. You choice of colours makes it dreamy looking.

  3. You set the scene so beautifully for your wonderful lantern piece Mary!

  4. What a beautiful setting for a lantern! I love the room, the cozy atmosphere, and great lantern. Very special painting.

  5. How nicely you have staged everything! I was wondering if you have watched Doc Martin? We are planning a trip to Cornwall next summer and hope to visit Port Isaac.

    1. WE LOVE Doc Martin and have watched it all to date - another series yet to come I believe!
      Lucky you going to Port Isaac - Cornwall is an amazingly beautiful country in the West Country. I am originally from Devon which adjoins Cornwall and have spent a lot of time there. How about 'Poldark' - have you watched that fabulous series on PBS? More of the wonderful coastal areas of Cornwall, and the story of the tin mining which used to be huge.

      Thanks for stopping by Janey.
      Mary -

    2. Mary, Thank you so much for the reply. We are searching for a house to lease in or near Port Isaac. Did you know that Doc. Martin's surgery is now a vacation rental! They are asking a hefty price we my stay elsewhere, although it is a fun thought to actually stay in the house. Can you imagine how many people would be posing out in front and looking in the windows! Ha!

  6. Your lantern scribble goes along so well with your word picture of cozy evenings together.

  7. definitely a nice idea to sit and relax on a winter's day with candle light and a warm fire. too bad we don't see it lighted.

    have a lovely day.

  8. Mary, I love how you say, "I looked at lanterns around the cottage." Love that this theme got you to sort of examine your collection with new eyes. And this is a great lantern too. So enjoying yout unique contributions. Lovely!

    Now, dear Mary, you have absolutely every right to sit there and watch the tellie! Sure, a right of passage but it's a great way to decompress too. While we don;t have cable TV, in this rental we do have a TV (provided) and it's connected to the internet so we download a few shows to have on hand. I love that. Stay cosy there! Meanwhile, here, as I noted in my comment to yours on my blog, it is warm - 79F apparently tomorrow! Crazy and yet still a cooling breeze in summer so it feels like a perfect summer day without the intensity. Love it.

    Thank you for your contribution and super fun write up too! Great.

  9. looks like a cozy and inviting room to sit and enjoy your evening of relaxing. Your image is quite attractive.

  10. What a lovely setting. A great way to spend those chilly nights too!

  11. What a great lantern, Mary. I love the detail on the top, along with the incredibly cozy setting. Love it! It's so fun to see you a part of Scribble Picnic. :)

  12. Looks like a nice, cozy, place to relax!


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