Monday, March 20, 2017

Meet me at the museum. . . . . . . . . .

I purchased timed tickets in advance to take granddaughter Jasmin to view
 two fabulous exhibitions at the North Carolina Museum of Art yesterday
 afternoon. The museum was extremely busy and lines were lengthy -
it was good to be able to walk right in.

 Drawn from "The Museum Set," M A S T E R W O R K S features 48 photographs
 curated by Ansel Adams to serve as a succinct representation of what he
 deemed the best work of his career. These stunning black and white photographs
 reveal the importance Adams placed on the awe-inspiring power and beauty of
 the natural world.

In a career that spanned more than five decades, 1902-1984 - (his first photo
 was taken at age 14 with the gift of a Kodak Brownie box camera) - Ansel Adams
 became one of America's most renowned and beloved photographers.

Included in this exhibition are Ansel Adams' most iconic images of
 majestic American landscapes such as El Capitan and the Half Dome in
 Yosemite National Park, The Golden Gate (before the bridge was built!) in
 San Francisco, and the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Ticketed with the Ansel Adams exhibition was Glory of Venice
Renaissance Paintings 1470-1520
I'll share this beautiful art in another post soon.

Askew by Roxy Paine
North Carolina Museum of Art - my photo from yesterday, a windy, chilly Sunday afternoon.
Yes, the tree is silver metal and is shown being installed HERE. It really is lovely.

Photography was not permitted inside the Ansel Adams exhibition gallery.

A thrilling Sunday at the museum made even more enjoyable with Jasmin,
 a budding photographer also, sharing it with me.
Do you enjoy visiting art museums?
Hoping you have one nearby.


  1. I love visiting art gallery and museums. What a wonderful afternoon you and Jasmin must have had!

  2. I would have loved, loved this show. When we were in Yosemite two years ago we visited the Ansel Adams museum. Yes and No about visiting museums. If it is something that fascinates me, oh yes! Otherwise some displays can be just exhausting to follow. Thinking of several museums I want to visit on our next adventure.

  3. It is always great to share a visit to a museum or gallery with younger family members. Somehow we see things that would normally pass us by.

    1. Hi Liz - thanks for stopping by. I've just spent time reading some of your very interesting historical posts. Dr. Crippen's Murder trial (being English I remember hearing of that case but had never read the details), and the poet who sailed to NZ and wrote about the convict ships of which I'm familiar having been to Tasmania, Australia and Auckland, NZ.
      Nice to meet you - I'll be back to read more about your lovely Scotland.
      Mary -

  4. What wonderful exhibitions Mary and how lovely to share them with Jasmin.
    As you well know, we have zillions of museums and exhibitions !!! XXXX

  5. Hope to make this trip and see this exhibit. Was the timed ticket worth it?

    1. Definitely for a weekend visit - no waiting in the long line to buy tickets, and then another wait until your time came up for the entry.
      Wonderful exhibits - worth the visit.
      Mary -

  6. That sounds like an exhibition really worth visiting.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the exhibition. Awww So glad you had that time. I'm sure it inspired you, being a photographer! :)

  8. Thank you Alex - you are so sweet. It was an amazing collection of Ansel's photos - Jasmin and I were blown away at what could be accomplished with film and hand processing - the depths and layers of black and white, phew!!!!!!
    Mary -

  9. Jasmin must get her photography talents from her grandmother. Your photos are always inspiring. Ansel Adams was a master of photography - such wonderful images in black and white.

  10. You can't beat his works! how lovely.

    Do I enjoy museums? the embarrassing fact is that, no, I reall don't as a whole. I love fine art painting galleries and if not impressionists I like ones displaying living impressionists's modern work. I think growing up with all the great London museums right around the corner, one walk or bicycle ride away rather spoiled me that now I find them all kind of dull. I rush through them! Terrible I know. I'd rather read about the pieces than deal with the crowds of going to see them. lol. You can slap me now~ :)


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