Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Michael's Scribble Picnic - my CABIN in the woods -

Scribble Picnic Theme: CABIN

I'm no artist. Well by that I mean I don't actually draw and paint pictures. 
 I can paint furniture, walls and my face. . . . . . but creating lovely 
pieces of art is not my forte.
However, I have been known to spend time coloring. You know, in
those 'adult' coloring books of which I've been gifted several in the 
past couple of years. Also, I do have some lovely tins of British pencils
 of many hues, and I admit to sitting down now and then and reverting to what
 we all thought was a childhood pastime. . . . . . . . coloring. It's relaxing,
 soothing and you end up with something pretty, and even though you may
 not be an artist, you feel a bit like one.

My dear friend of many years, Michael, fellow British professional artist,
 illustrator, graphic designer, and blogger, is an expat like me. He lives in
 Colorado now with his beautiful artist wife Alexandra. If you've ever read
 his comments left on my posts you will love them - he truly goes the extra mile
 to write lovely responses to my higgledy-piggledy posts, and always makes
 me feel good. Thank you Michael.

Michael recently opened a new online art community, a lovely place where
you can enjoy a weekly (Wednesday) meet up with other artists and
 encourage each other to make art. Michael sets the one word theme,
 today it's Cabin, and you post your completed (or even incomplete) artwork
 on Michael's post via the Mr. Linky sign up provided each week.
Go HERE to find all the details on Michael's blog.

My potting shed 'cabin' in the back garden - getting ready for Spring.

So I decided to join in this week hoping it will give Michael a boost because
 I know several of you are very creative with paintbrushes, pencils, charcoal and such.
 Perhaps you'd enjoy having a special, fun place to share your art with many
 other talented artists, such as my granddaughter Cassie who is now joining
in whilst the baby naps.

Oh, a word about my entry above. As Michael includes 'doodles' in his media list,
I'm hoping he will accept my art even though I was assisted by my camera. . . . and
 coloring pencils! There's no way I could draw this freehand - I'll leave that to
 the real artists.

Please stop by and meet Michael HERE if you aren't already acquainted - and
if you can't make it this week you can start working on next week's theme -
Umbrella - I like the sound of that one, especially as it's pouring down 
outside my window right now.


  1. I like the soft colors you used on your photograph. Soothing and inviting.

  2. Mary, this is delightful, and I'm happy to know about Michael's link. I'm going to share it with my artist friends. I wish I could draw and paint. I've tried my hand at it, but would need much practice before I'd submit something. '-)Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Oh Sarah I know you could come with something - Michael says doodles and scribbles are fine, it's all very casual. Give it a go next week when the theme word is Umbrella.

      Michael is such an amazing guy - I feel like his second mum! He certainly is very special, as is his lovely Alexandra who is also an accomplished childrens' book illustrator and more.

      Hugs dear friend - Mary x

    2. Sarah, can you do needlework or sewing? Or collage? Those work too. :)

  3. I have to go over to Michael's blog to see what this is about. I used to sketch everything in sight and had just become interested in watercolors and oils before married life and little ones stepped in. I have a 'coloring book' and pencils but I haven't touched them. Thanks for the link.

    I think the shades you used and how you blended them are beautiful, Mary. You have always had an eye for good style and taste and it continues here.

    Jane x

    1. Oh Jane you must take up your brushes again - I know you could wow us with something really special!
      Thanks for the more than generous comment dear friend.
      I need to catch up with your blog - sorry I've been so busy. . . . . . . . . trying to become an 'artist' haha!!!!!
      Mary x

  4. I like it Mary - even if you cannot draw particular well, artistic work using a camera can work too as you have so successfully shown here.

    1. Yes, just getting my head around something to enter which didn't end up a total disaster worked out this way for me. I'm liking it even though I can't draw and paint as do the really good artists!
      Hugs, Mary -

  5. Replies
    1. My little 'sketch' is making me happy. I know you ARE an artist Donna - you should join in next week - it will be fun!
      Mary -

  6. What a lovely 'drawing' of your garden shed. Phone apps are amazing these days aren't they? I have such a desire to paint but instead take photos of what I see - which is why I started blogging - as I don't have much artistic talent. I think the two - painting and photography - are connected though. It is all about what the eye sees and captures whether through a lens or on canvas and paper. Hugs, Pam

    1. Thanks Pamela - I'm better with a camera than a paintbrush!
      I didn't use the iPhone for this - I took a photo with a camera, then edited to a 'sketch' in PicMonkey, printed it out then used pencils to color. I kinda like the result!

      Mary -

  7. I saw your comment on Michael's blog and I was so thrilled that you've joined in - isn't it a fun little creative challenge?! Lovely photograph with a very "sketched" feel! I bet your garden is starting to bloom, too! Unfortunately, it looks like the frosts aren't quite over... which is a shame because I've bought some Hyacinths and Daffodils to plants in our front yard! Xoxo

    1. Thanks Cassie!
      Your daffs and hyacinths should weather any chill this weekend. I'm concerned for my azaleas as the buds are opening this morning after last night's heavy rain!

  8. Mary your piece is lovely as is this beautiful post.

    1. Thanks so much Christine - I hope I can keep up with all you great artists!!!
      Mary -

  9. Dear Mary, What a great idea your friend Michael has. And thank you for making us aware of his blog. I have joined it this morning.
    You know Mary, once you begin to get involved with painting (in any form) you will become more and more sure of yourself and soon you will be creating originals.
    In the interim you might want to try working with two different programs, "Brushstroke" and "Watermark". They will make your photos look like paintings... excellent to use as models.

  10. Oooh, I'd love to have a potting shed like that. What a great setting. And I like the sketchiness with just a little touch of color. Very well done!

  11. I think your picture is beautiful - no matter how you created it! I can't draw or stitch, etc. so I'll have to pass on this collaboration. I'm going to check out Michael's blog though - sounds interesting! A few months ago, I bought some blank canvases, oil paints and brushes after watching some youtube videos. I was inspired - but never actually gave it a go. I need to do so!

  12. I do like it and I think it is a very creative way to join in. Lovely colors.

  13. An artist I most certainly am not. I would love to try those adult colouring books but don't really have enough time. At least I manage to take photos every now and then.

  14. That turned out quite nicely!

  15. color pencils on photos - I like that idea, reminds me of how photographers used to color tint photos, this is nicer & you get to enjoy some coloring time

    have a lovely day.

  16. Awww Mary! How wonderful for you to join! I think you did a wonderful job with the combo of your camera and coloured pencils. Go you1!! :) I hope you continue on this creative journey of yours. Hee I bet your potting shed cabin is filled with MANY magical gardening tools.

  17. Such a beautiful post, Mary, and I agree, Michael takes the time to leave such lovely comments on our posts. What a great idea to use a photo with colouring pencils for the Cabin theme....nice work! Maybe, as time goes on, you might like to try some simple may well surprise yourself.

    Have a beautiful weekend! :)

  18. Oops, not sure what happened to my comment here. I must have lost it in all the visiting! Anyway, thank you so much for joining in, Mary, and adding this coloured pencil piece and of your shed, no less. Great idea and perfectly acceptable. Thank you so much for the promo too. Delightful!

    I've gone ahead and decided to again do a compilation of all the entries from all the platforms that one can take, not expecting everyone to go to each platform but stick to their own! Anyway, lot of wonderful variety! I love seeing how people interpret a theme differently and meeting new artists along the way so gave a shout out to you too, btw. ")

  19. This really has a lovely quality about it with the grey and black and then the colour of the cabin. It looks so 3D as well, beautiful job.

  20. You are definitely an artist, Mary! You may not draw, but your home, garden, and pictures are all with the eye of a true artist. You do know how to make things beautiful all around you and through your camera eye.


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