Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Scribble Picnic. . . . . . . . the garden Fairy

Do you believe in fairies?  Of course you do.
Somewhere out there in my secret garden, behind the cottage, perhaps
 hiding under the gazebo, behind the potting shed, or even in a hollow tree,
 they are playing quietly. Maybe even chatting with the squirrels, flitting back
 and forth on gossamer wings alongside the birds, and watching we mortals
 as we go about our day.

I picked my little fairy to share here a week ago, assisted by my camera
 and watercolor pencils. 
Then on Sunday, taking a quick walk through the local arboretum after the
 museum of art visit, I saw just one purple anemone flower in bloom and
 realized immediately it was a magical, mystical moment. Perhaps it's where my
fairy found his beautiful flower!

Michael's weekly art project Scribble Picnic can be visited HERE -
please go to 'fairyland' where I'm sure the magic is beautiful.


  1. Mary,
    I again love your touch with colour on your photos. What a great picture. Did you find it online? I think it fantastic that the flower is the same as the one on your walk. There is more unseen than we know.

  2. OH, I love this, Mary...beautifully done! I like the flower connection too. :)

  3. adorable little fairy. love it...from the pointy ears, right down to his adorable shoes!

  4. A beautiful lyrical drawing and such a gorgeous photo of the flower. That colour!! xx

  5. cute fairy, the flower is a beauity, a little fairy might be hiding in there somewhere.

    have a lovely day.

  6. This is so beautifully done, I am really liking all the magical fairy contributions this week!

  7. This could be a vintage card or stationery. It's just soft, and gentle and lovely. And if you don't believe in fairies...after seeing this you would!!! Just beautiful.

  8. beautiful flower indeed, a pasque?
    love that you used it with your sweet little fairy.

  9. Mary, this is SO sweet and magical. I love the purple flower!! Oh, I'd love to take a walk through your beautiful secret garden. I can only imagine the inspiration I'd find for my own illustrations. ;)


  10. Oh gosh, I so love your write up, Mary and the piece you chose to do for it. It all ties in so well together, down to that magical flower. Indeed! It's truly a wonderful drawing, beautifully cloured--love those wings and again, the flower! I think it would be such a delight peering around your garden as if on an Easter Egg hunt, looking for lil' fairies tucked away here and there. Now, do you imagine them to have NC accents or maybe English or Irish or something? Maybe jsut Gaelic? These are the things you need to find out...and report back to us! :) Thank you too, btw, for you lovely comments to the others. I've enjoyed reading them. Encouraging and smart.

  11. I think your little fairy is on a mission to get that pretty flower delivered to just the right person.
    (Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!)

  12. I am imagining your little fairy is a boy fairy bringing a flower to his favorite girl fairy. He is so cute and like someone else said, has a vintage quality to it that is so very appealing. I love the dark anemone flowers, they are always such a surprise amongst the pastels of spring.

  13. Oh yes! Fairies spring up in the most unexpected places just beyond our vision. That anemone is a perfect flower for a fairy dancing dress.


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