Friday, March 24, 2017

The world is my oyster!

Some friends know just what you like and what to gift you with. 
They shop at quaint little hidden places ~ antique and vintage ~ finding
things unknown to the high street shops and department stores. 

Some friends are so creative and artistic ~ give them a paint brush
and they wow you with a gift they've actually made for you. 
Thank you Jeannette ~ I will always treasure this gift along with
our friendship.

Isn't this the loveliest idea? Taking an oyster shell, cleaning it well, 
 painting a pearlized finish, trimming in soft gold, and implanting a
beautiful pearl.  
I truly love this and am keeping two of my special rings here -
my late mother's plain gold wedding band, and a gold ring with
 a sapphire, a gift from my dear English cousin Sue.  


  1. Boa tarde, é uma maneira criativa de apresentar, a casca da ostra tratada alem de ser linda, faz realçar as belas peças.

  2. Very nice gift Mary. Sometimes the simplest gifts, such as a bird's nest, are the best.

  3. That is so elegant and simple. A beautiful gift.

  4. I love the idea of using a lovely shell for a ring holder!

  5. What a lovely gift. It is beautiful!

  6. That really is gorgeous, Mary. She knows your style.

  7. Such personal gifts are the best!

  8. OOh, that really is a novel idea. Love it! Waht a special way to store your precious rings!


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