Friday, March 10, 2017

Introducing Gretchen. . . . . . . . .

I haven't featured cats in a post for a while. 
Yesterday, while visiting family out of town, I just had to get a few photos of
 seven year old Gretchen who seemed smitten with Bob. She snuggled next to him on
 granddaughter Cassie's sofa and proceeded to lean in and do her full-on grooming
 'toilette' for quite a while.
Beautiful kitty!

Photo via my iPhone

I'll be traveling over the weekend - so will see you next here week.
They've forecast possible snowy conditions, fingers crossed 
they will be totally incorrect!


  1. Have a safe journey!
    Gretchen is lovely, I want to bury my fingers in her beautiful fur.

  2. Wouldn't Gretchen like to come and stay with me while you are away?!!

  3. Tabbies are so full of character. "Hello Gretchen"

  4. I love cats , those eyes are fabulous ! I will show her photo to my 3 <3

  5. What beautiful eyes you have, Gretchen !

  6. Pretty kitty. Did your husband enjoy the grooming session? Take care this weekend. The weather is roaring.

  7. Gretchen is a cutie! Happy adventures this weekend.

  8. What a beautiful kitty! At first, I thought maybe you got one. :-)

  9. I think Gretchen heard the weather report!

  10. Hahah, it's funny thinking of a cat called Gretchen as my ex has that name too. :)


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