Saturday, March 4, 2017

The winter sun on my face. . . . . . . . .

It has been a very different winter around here as we've had so much
 sunshine on numerous unusually warm days. 
It's almost as if winter forgot to arrive in the Piedmont area of North Carolina!
Last night's below freezing temperature, with concern for the buds was thankfully
 unecessary, all is fine this morning. Cold again tonight so we're not out
of woods yet. . . . . .March can often be brutal.

To sit on the front steps with the more gentle winter sun on my face has been lovely.
Seeing the pansies in bloom and the tulips pushing up in the pots makes my heart sing.

Today the sun shines brightly and although by no means a hot
 day it will reach the low fifties. The fresh air is calling me outside to fill the bird
 feeders, clip the now over daffodil blooms, perhaps pull a few weeds - how
 come cold weather never stops them in their constant growth spurt? 
Dinner out tonight with dear friends, a quick neighborhood walk this afternoon
 will be a pleasant pastime before relaxing and sharing food with loved ones.

Speaking of neighborhoods reminds me I need to get out
 with my camera and write a little story about
 mine. . . . .things are a-changing quite drastically
 these days!

Hope your Saturday is special.


  1. Your garden inspires me. So wishing to be out there, but it is a little soon yet. I did just plant a large pot of pansies very much like the ones I see here and enjoying them from my window. Oh my your daffodils are finished already, that is amazing! I am hoping the bit of cold sunshine today will our first one to open up and shine. They are almost there, I can see the yellow heads.

  2. Oh, how I love spring pansies! I can't wait until it's warm enough to plant them here. We just got a dusting of snow overnight.

  3. Oh, those potted pansies, Mary. Love, love, love. Hope you had an enjoyable time out with friends.

  4. How pretty your violas are. They are certainly harbingers of more flowers to come. Lovely light in your photos, too. One can almost feel the brighter intensity and lengthening days.

  5. Sounds like a perfect day, my friend! You are blessed with early blooms. And we are cold. Up in Michigan now and I simply can't keep my toes warm!! Ha!

    Enjoy your dinner. You have also reminded me to take a walk tomorrow with the dogs...covered in a wool scarf and mittens!!! :)

    Jane xxx

  6. Changing neighborhood? Sounds ominous...but hope not! A 20 or 30° drop in temps must not be very pleasant. Our single-digit temps haven't been either.

  7. Isn't it wonderful to feel the sun on our skin - we need the vitamin D - it is so necessary for us!
    I'm planting more and more in pots now as I can move them around the garden when the need arises. I intend buying more so and start planting my Spring bulbs - muscadine, snowdrops, cross and of course daffs and violas!
    Your violas have taken off quickly with the mild weather - I'm so looking forward to seeing what colour tulips you'll dear Mary!
    Happy days in the garden brings so much joy!
    Shane x

  8. I am looking forward to your neighbourhood story, Mary!
    Yesterday was sunny and rather warm - I was dressed too warmly for the 8 km run O.K. and I went for in the afternoon, I just didn't trust the warmth, and I was rather red in the face when we returned :-D
    Much cooler today, and rather windy. Well, if the wind brings rain, I will be the last to complain, as we've had way too little rain for at least the past half year.

  9. Love your pretty pansies! No flowers yet in my neck of the woods! :-( Glad the freeze didn't hurt the blooms. Hope you are doing well!

    1. Marie thanks for stopping by. I've been trying to comment on your blog for some time now but it won't allow me in - seems to be a Google+ thing going on. Do read the posts though and am loving your photos of wildlife and scenery in your new home.
      Hugs - Mary -

  10. How beautiful!
    Hasn't our weather this winter been amazing?

  11. Mary, your pansies are beautiful. While your daffodils are finished for the season, mine have not yet shown themselves. We received more snow last night and spring is just a promise at this point. I have seen some crocus and Japanese Iris shoots, though. And that's encouraging. I look forward to your post about your neighborhood. Enjoy that glorious sunshine! Hugs, Nancy

  12. Well, you've jsut done that now (As I work my way backwards again from your most recent posts)! It was a fun read. Your already have flowers in bloom. So great. More like England than here where nothing blooms until about April. hahaha. It's all very brown, msut say. Still, can;t bet not having humidity. Thankful for that.


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