Monday, September 4, 2017

Little Gems as Summer wanes. . . . . . . .

~ Antique French Linens ~

Perhaps it's time to pack away the white linens of summertime.
'September Song' is definitely in the air, especially early in the morning
when opening the doors and windows brings a breath of coolness,
birdsong, and already a few golden leaves fluttering to the ground.

We're spending the holiday weekend on the road, mostly in northern Virginia with
 a visit to family members, and a quick visit to Washington, D.C. where we 
used to live and were married. . . . . . . . . so long ago! It rained all day in the city so
 no good photos of our Nation's Capital to share this time.
This coming week will be a hectic one. I'm scheduled for some dental surgery - 
not pleasant, gathering estimates for the exterior house painting, expecting a
 gardener who will assist in cutting down and clearing out shrubbery, vines etc. 
 so the painters can actually get to the house, and of course keeping fingers
 crossed tightly in hopes that Hurricane Irma does not pay North Carolina a visit
 which could drastically upset the apple cart!

Again, have a happy Labor Day. We'll be making our way back home.


  1. Dear Mary
    Love your whites and such a gorgeous mosaic!
    I would love to visit Washington one day - didn't realise you were married there!
    Our French fam have arrived - I'm on cloud nine. I'll email you a couple of photos😘
    Shane x

  2. September has definitely marked a turn in the season here. It gets rather cool here at night now, and only warms up to 21 Celsius or so during the day (when it is sunny), as opposed to 32 Celsius we had only last Wednesday.
    I so like this time of year - not for the coolness, but for the general atmosphere, the mellow afternoon and evening light, and the cosiness I find at home.

  3. Sure hope Irma fizzles out and doesn't cause too much damage anywhere. Harvey sure didn't want to let up once it made landfall. A childhood friend in Houston was evacuated and lost just about everything. Still super hot here. Sure hoping we see a cool down over the next month. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  4. Hoping for you too Mary. I just heard this morning that the wearing of white after labor day came about early in the century. Only the rich could afford to wear white with all the work it took to keep it clean and much cooler to wear. So, they put it away when fall arrived. Me, I'm going to wear it after Labor Day and I love winter whites.

  5. Praying Irma doesn't pay a visit. Wishing for that morning crispness soon. Right now it is sweltering and the air is full of smoke. Love winter whites. This summer I sort of broke away from neutrals, but feeling the tug to return to comfy greys, blacks, and white.

  6. Hello Mary!
    I'm not ready for summer to end :( It flew by this year! We are back from Maine, and it's back to work. And back to blogging, so yay :)
    Hope you and Bob enjoyed your stay in DC.
    Many hugs,

  7. It's unseasonably cold here...only 60 degrees. My feet are freezing...just had to put on socks! Going down to 46 tonight. Crazy. Safe travels back home to you...I hope the hurricane doesn't hit NC. (I wish it wouldn't hit land anywhere!) So sorry you have to have dental surgery - yuck.

  8. Do you have Indian Summers in Sept like we usually get here?
    I love the idea of being married in DC. Seems romantic a notion...well, certain parts anyway.


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