Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Seeds forever. . . . . . . . .

Hmm! What's this I see?  Something new for breakfast.

Really amazing how one sunflower seed can grow into a strong, 6 foot tall sunflower with a
gigantic head full of another few hundred seeds - didn't stop to count but it certainly looks that many!

I've saved quite a few seeds which hopefully will germinate next summer - the
 remainder are feeding lots of garden birds and it seems the cardinals are really
 enjoying them the most.

Lovely sunflower season is over now. I've cut down all the tall stems and will
 look forward to planting again in that spot next year. 
They brought brilliant color and joy both to me, the neighbors, and even
 people just driving by.


  1. Sunflowers are just wonderful in the garden and I did enjoy yours. We had squirrels just demolish our seed head this week. The whole head was gone in no time. The squirrels and the birds are thankful for people that grow them in their garden. Saying thanks to you from them.

  2. I must remember to plant some sunflowers next year. It seems they provide a fantastic return on the initial investment. Usually I find at least one pop up on it's own. That wasn't the case this year. Love your photos, as always.

  3. Your photos are beautiful, Mary. My birds are enjoying ours, too. And the heads on them were bigger than I have ever seen. Must have been the rain, sun, rain, sun...

  4. I feed sunflower seed to the birds every morning here. The lorikeets call out to us if we forget them. The cardinal is so beautiful...I have only ever seen one once, in Canada. What beautiful photos of sunflowers, very striking images.

  5. Wonderful photos Mary. I can not wait to plant some sunflowers next year at my new house.

  6. I love sunflowers too, they represent summer so well! Nice that you got all those seeds!

  7. Sunflowers are spectacular. The birds look very pleased with their snack all set out for them. I'm definitely going to plant sunflowers in my garden next year.

  8. I looked it up - the average full grown sunflower head has 1080 seeds! Wow!


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