Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Scribble Picnic - Black & White. . . . . . .

When on safari in Africa one of the many animals I've loved viewing has 
been the plains zebra, also known as Burchell's zebra.
They say no two zebras are alike when it comes to their stripes! That's
 quite amazing when you look across the vast bushveld landscape where
 huge herds are grazing in their very neat looking black and white coats.

For today's Black & White theme, I edited a color print to a black
 and white sketch, then used watercolor pencils to add back
  the black stripes. . . . . . . . . 

 . . . . . . . or, in case you want to see pure black and white, here you go!

Another look, just because zebras in real life are awesome!

Visit Michael's SCRIBBLE PICNIC where our group is sure to come
 up with some interesting art in black and white.


  1. Your zebra photo art turned out very nice. I like the texture in it.
    I was just in my forest and came upon 3 fawn, their spots are fading but each unique like your zebras.

  2. That's great Mary. Love your photograph. Excellent work.

  3. Beautiful job with the theme Mary!

  4. Just beautiful....Love the technique. They are such amazing animals.

  5. So cool that you and I had the same idea for this week's theme, Mary...I love your Zebra piece! You are so lucky to have seen these beauties for real in the wild. Their stripes could be likened to human fingerprints...all unique to the individual. Amazing, isn't it?

  6. zebras, yes, all that black with the white, good choice for the theme.

    have a lovely day.

  7. Oh Mary, that must have been a wonderful sight. I love these - all of them.

  8. Really fantastic piece here, dear Mary. I love what you've done with it and as it is, the original was a great shot too. (Like your bird shots so often are!) I actually was expecting you to show penguins from your Antartica travels but forgot you had seen chinstrap ones! Cute and messy? Never knew that either.

    Yes, it is fascinating how zebra stripes differ between them all. I'm wondering if it's not even the same for the penguin's black and white patterns? Studying them and creating my own, I notice there was a lot of variety. Gotta love nature!

    Thank you so much for your lovely contribution, post and comments for others and myself. you are a gem!!

  9. Hi Mary :)) Those are lovely zebras and how fortunate you are to have seen them in person!

  10. Mary, I love your title..."wearing black and white"'s PERFECT! And your zebras are wonderful!!! I like how you colored and manipulated really brings their personalities out. Wonderful job! :)

    PS And yes, you can borrow Ewan! ;)

  11. I love this photo and your edits and artwork. Zebras are my favourite animal (I'm not too fond of house pets). I love their dramatic coloring.

  12. How fortunate that you have seen zebras in the wild! Thanks for sharing a bit of your view!


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