Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Through the window. . . . . . . . . . and feeding the workmen!

The past several days brought brilliant sunshine and heat from early morning until dusk.
Today the sun is hiding and it will stay a little cooler which is good for our work crew.
Hurricane Maria, while thankfully not a landfall threat, churns north, impacting
 Hatteras Island, NC today with high winds, bands of heavy rain and possible
 flooding along coastal areas. Tourists were told to leave and many residents have
 evacuated to safer inland areas.

 I've only served assorted cookies on paper plates, along with dozens of chilled
 water bottles, to the men who don't seem to even stop for a lunch break.
Today I offered to make lunch for the crew - now numbering six - before I even
 thought about what big, muscle-bound men working up a sweat as they
 knock my little house down around me, would eat!  Vichyssoise with dainty
 cucumber sandwiches, followed by cream puffs won't cut the mustard for
 these guys!

As I don't fancy a trip to the grocery store this morning, I must use what I have on
hand. So I'm planning a big steaming bowl of pasta with roasted veggies and
 marinara sauce, scattered with fresh-clipped garden basil and grated parmesan
 (already told them I don't do meat and they didn't seem to mind!), accompanied by
 chunky, crunchy cheese and tomato panini sandwiches.
 For dessert I've made a rustic yogurt cake studded with the last picking of figs
 from the garden, and scattered with toasted almonds, healthy right? 
They will eat outside on the deck. Perhaps I'll feel like one of those Italian 
farmers' wives feeding the vineyard workers, or the olive pickers!!!

Do you offer refreshments to people who work at your home?
I'll let you know how lunch works out later.

Edited:  They really enjoyed lunch - and cleaned their plates!


  1. They wouldn't get that treatment Mary. I had some workers bring a bag of dollar aisle cookies and handed it to me. The leader then said, you make us coffee? I did, but thought it was rather strange. They usually brought a large thermos jug of water and lunch. I bet they love working at your house.

  2. Oh Donna, your comments always make me grin! You and I would definitely enjoy sitting together and having a chat!
    I will only do this luncheon once - to let them know I'm pleased with their work. They are all dyed-in-the-wool southern boys (gosh I just hope they like pasta!) and are definitely legal! They also never curse - well at least I don't hear them - which is always an extra perk in my book!
    There's something about a southerner with a drawl and a tool belt - brings out the 'mothering instinct' at this age, haha!
    Mary -

  3. I don't usually feed workers. Many times I've offered a plate of something baked and it gets turned down, except by the college-aged boys who wash the windows. A cold drink is usually accepted.
    Your workers are going to have a fabulous lunch! Sounds delicious.

  4. 🍝I think it's a lovely gesture and I am sure that the crew will appreciate the lunch.

    1. They've just finished! Can't believe the accolades over the simple food - they even wanted the 'recipe' for the sandwiches (cheddar, manchego, plum tomatoes and roasted red peppers) and loved them grilled on the panini. They gobbled up the huge bowl of veggie pasta (I told them I didn't want leftovers). One asked if I was renting rooms - his wife can't cook! Another said his girlfriend burns everything - but he's still saving up for a diamond! I did feel like the Italian 'mama' and I really enjoyed it. Bob cleaned up and did the dishes - even though he's never worn a tool belt I love him for many other things, haha!
      Mary -

  5. That was so nice of you. I have not feed my workers before. They usually bring their own lunch. I have always provided water.

  6. They will do an excellent job for you Mary - of all their customers you must be the jewel in the crown. I make the workmen tea or coffee and if they are really lucky they get a cookie. I had workmen here just before we went away revamping the kitchen and putting in a new shower.

  7. Wow, Mary! How nice of you. What a treat they will have. I love the idea of adding the figs to the yogurt cake.

  8. Pasta AND panini? Well, that certainly sounds filling, and I bet your lunch went down a treat :-D
    It is very rare that I have anyone doing work for me, but when they do, I offer them snacks and coffee etc., no full meals though as that is generally not "done" here. Most workmen take a break for about an hour around lunch time and go to eat something somewhere. Of course when friends work for me, it's a different matter.
    Another thing is that if anything needs doing, I can not always be around all the time, as I am working. So I'm afraid I will never be one of those Italian wives ;-)

  9. Mary, I loved what you wrote: 'Vichyssoise with dainty cucumber sandwiches, followed by cream puffs won't cut the mustard for these guys!' Just imagining the scene...you are very sweet to offer them lunch like that. Any time someone comes over to do some work here, they are offered drinks for sure. We haven't had anyone doing major reno's but I think I'd be doing the same as you and feeding them!

  10. That's interesting you should post this, because just yesterday, no two days ago now, my daughter-in-law and I provided the noon meal for the crew putting up a large shed on our farm. It was basic, filling food, but they enjoyed it. Looking back, I think I usually offer some type of food when we have a work crew hired for a job, especially if it takes more than one day–but usually it's more along the line of cookies or pie rather than a meal!

  11. Ha, yes, we always offer refreshments to whoever comes over! Must be an English thing, right? :)


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