Monday, September 25, 2017

HOME refresh - Part I -

This house - which I usually call "the cottage" due to it's compact size and my
 struggles to enclose it within an English-style garden (difficult here in this much too
 hot climate), is showing it's age, just like its occupants! Now thirty years old, the
exterior is looking somewhat dismal despite painting and fixing every 7 years or so.
Always something requiring attention with a house.

Moving to one-level condos, townhouses, smaller garden/no garden, even
 apartment living with no upkeep by us required, bring heated discussions.
For now we are staying here!

After spending the past several weeks getting estimates for wood repairs and
 repainting, we were somewhat shocked at the bottom line from
 individuals/companies who expected us to fork out money way 
beyond our budget, especially those who wanted a big percentage up
 front, yet would not provide proof of good work, insurance etc. 
Then along came a contractor acquaintance, Mr. B., actually a long time
 friend of our daughter and her partner.
After meeting with him and knowing we would be well taken care of - we
 decided to completely re-side the cottage in Hardiplank thus getting rid of all
 damaged/aging siding, then follow with a lovely new paint job.
Our contractor had just completed similar work on this house above - lower two
 pix - we were able to go take a look. Just happens the owners sold another home
 to our daughter last year so we knew they would not steer us wrong regarding
 the work done by Mr. B.  
We love the Hardiplank siding they used, it has a light woodgrain rather 
than smooth, and no dirt catching bead along the bottom edge of the board. 
Another plus when using this now very popular brand of siding, is that there
are no visible nails/holes as the boards are installed from the bottom up and
 nailed under the overlap. 
believe it has a 50 year warranty - repainting probably only every 15 years.
I think it will suit our style of house which is similar to the white house
 above with the same dentil molding and similar roof lines.
I hesitate in sharing these pix of the front beds - so sad looking!
The English garden, or whatever garden it was, has been cut down and dug out 
for the most part. Necessary to allow access to the house where wood repairs
are required, and of course making the painting much easier when the time comes.
I do think the hydrangeas will survive, and the climbing jasmines, but it will take a few
 years before they are lush and full again, and I will need to add some new shrubs later.

Well another week begins and I hear the workmen coming up the driveway.
More hammering, drilling and sawing ahead. Thankfully the weather is holding 
up but still very warm - so more chug-a-lugging bottled water by the guys -
my 'frig is well-stocked for the week ahead!
 We look forward to being back to normal by next week perhaps - and are
hoping Hurricane Maria stays away from here as she makes her way now
along North Carolina's coast and the Outer Banks.


  1. Remodeling is the worst. Since it was never an option to sell the farm, we've been through three major remodeling projects that took months long. Seems they didn't have enough workers - a common problem. Glad your's is outside. I always marveled at those who would move out of their homes for the duration, but I think it was probably worth it.

  2. It is going to be wonderful when finished Mary. That is what we have on our new house.

  3. I think we used a similar planking in France and painted it pale grey. Your is going to look so will be like having a new home!

  4. Hi Mary :) Oh so many renovations...I think it would drive me nutty...but the idea of living in an apartment again...with a shared wall or floor, would make it all tolerable! :)

  5. So glad you found a contractor you can trust. Your cottage will be shining again. Gardens always benefit from a bit of a least, my little garden does. Enjoy keeping those guys in water. ☀️☀️☀️

  6. Your house will look so fresh and pretty once finished. I'd love to redo our home with Hardiplank, too. Homes do take a lot of upkeep. Just think of the blank garden beds as a canvas for playing! I do hope the hurricanes abate and stay offshore.

  7. Glad you were able to find a contractor you feel you can trust. The Hardiplank sounds like an awesome idea. Your cottage is so lovely.

  8. That is quite a project. I know you will enjoy it once it is done.

  9. "s showing it's age, just like its occupants!" --- Awwwwww...come here, Mary. You need a big hug. Adorable.

    As it is, great choice on the siding and the workman. I love it.


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