Saturday, September 9, 2017

Wishing, hoping and praying. . . . . . .

This weekend is likely to be a very difficult time for so many people in our country.
 Like many of you, I'm definitely going to be praying and hoping that lives will not
 be lost as this epic storm makes landfall in Florida. I know most of us will be glued
 to televisions and computers anxious to hear the news and eventually view video
 and photos of what has happened. 
Here in North Carolina it appears we may be spared. We never really know
 though as weather patterns can change rapidly when mighty hurricanes blow in. 

Be strong, have faith, and hope for the best possible outcome.
Later, if necessary, and you are able, be prepared to help those in need
 in any way you can.


  1. We feel the same, Mary. Be safe.

    Jane xxx

  2. Praying with you all the way from Southern Africa, Mary...

  3. Finally some wise words in a worlds of immorality, hatred and selfishness. THANK YOU!!!

  4. Very nice post Mary. The hurricane season is frightening. I don't think I could live anywhere near the danger areas.

  5. Dear Mary, I could not have said it better. Thank you.

  6. In Jacksonville Florida it is overcast and the wind just started to kick up a bit ... a few gusts then quiet again .. it is so silent out, I feel like I am the only one left on the planet .. with cats.
    We will all hunker down and get through it then I am calling the movers :)

  7. All of my sisters and their husbands live in Naples, Florida and they came up here Wednesday. Praying for all of Florida and anyone in the path of Irma. Praying that my sisters homes survive.

  8. Beautiful message, Mary. All the destruction breaks my heart. The recovery for many here in Texas is going to be a long journey, and now the same is true for FL.

  9. Hope all is well for you. So many people need our prayers! Nice post.

  10. Praying safety for all, dear friend.

  11. It is hitting now-beginning .. in Jacksonville Fl ... I stayed home thinking we were being spared so now I am stuck with the cats in a hurricane.
    I will pack and leave Florida as soon as this is over. Stay safe !! love. C


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