Friday, June 1, 2018

Rain, rain, rain and hydrangeas. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . but not all is bad!

This week's stormy weather has been bad - the humidity
has just about done us in. It remains hot here. 
Garden chores have been put on hold as everything is totally sodden.
More storms later today but the forecast shows some sun
tomorrow then more storms Saturday.

Next week may be close to perfect, so I'm
watching and waiting, and of course enjoying the 
floral offerings made possible by the rains of May. 

 Blooms today on the shrub in the side garden by the birdhouse.

Summer 2016

I will have very few flowers on these two Nikko Blue hydrangeas in front of 
the porch this summer - they were cut down to the ground when the cottage was
re-sided and painted last fall. Next year hopefully they'll be blooming as they 
always have. . . . . they've put on good healthy growth over the past month with
 so much rain as you can see below.

Are you growing hydrangeas?
They can certainly be showstoppers in a garden.
Moisture, via rain or hand watering, is important - they are thirsty shrubs 
and prefer part-shade, although I must admit most of my plants are in full sun.
By afternoon on hot days the leaves curl and they look a bit downtrodden,
 but by early evening they stand to attention again!
They are my favorite shrub and I love to gather the blooms in autumn 
for drying and using in the cottage.

As we move into June our gardens should be lovely.
Here's to a wonderful weekend dear readers.


  1. Hydrangeas are great, aren't they! I love the blue variety most, but the pink, white and pale "greenish-white" ones are also beautiful. O.K. has a shrub in front of his cottage, but it was not yet in bloom two weekends ago when I last visited. Tonight, I'll check on it!
    According to the main news on German TV last night, this May has been the warmest May in 130 years. Farmers in Northern Germany are worried about draught damage, it has rained so little for them. They already talk of 20-30 % losses in harvest. Here in the south, we have had thunderstorms with torrential rain and hail a few times. There does not seem to be much in between!

  2. One of my favorite plants. Anything so gorgeous that comes back every year, well, it's a favorite.


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