Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chirpoy Islands, Russia...........Orcas at last!

The two Chirpoy Islands are the remains of a partially submerged volcanic caldera which measures 8-9 kilometers wide. Arrival early morning, with high expectations of a Zodiac cruise around the coast of Brat Chirpoy in the afternoon, gave me time to hang out at the stern taking pics on a bright sunny day. 
In no time flat, excited voices were yelling "killer whales".........people rushed to the railings, cameras at the ready.

These were my first Orcas ("killer whales") and 
the pod was large. Moving through 
the water they were quite mesmerizing to watch...... 

......if you'd enjoy knowing more about orcas, go HERE.

Soon they were swimming away from the ship and we were 
advised to prepare for Zodiac cruising which would be our afternoon delight!

The scenery was spectacular, the water a little choppy, 
but the volcanoes, some steaming, and the 
bird life had us excited.....

Pic via Paula

.........however, this was also the day of my close encounter 
in a Zodiac boat......more on that next time!


  1. Wow. How amazing is that? The Orcas are so beautiful and close. I love the scenery and mountains in the background. Have a beautiful day!

  2. So beautiful, but now I am on pins and needles waiting to see what happened with you and the Zodiac!

  3. Love following this trip. What a thrill when you saw the Orcas....so beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous. Glad you had blue skies to go with the stunning scenery. Orcas live in the waters around Vancouver Island and are not infrequently seen on ferry crossings. We went on a Zodiac whale watching adventure a few years ago and had a marvelous time. Such wild and free animals.

    Don't wait too long to tell us about your close encounter!

  5. What an amazing trip it was!

  6. I am absolutely mesmerized by all whale sightings. How wonderful for you to see this pod.
    Now I am curious about your close encounter. What exciting adventures you have taken.

  7. Wow wow wow!!! Love every bit of this post. That picture with the birds and the boat and the mountain is amazing!

  8. What a wonderful sight for your (our) eyes. I think I'd hardly breathe whilst they were still in sight.
    You've got me worried about that close encounter in the Zodiac...
    Rose H

  9. Mary...what an adventure! I love your journeys, so exciting! You have travelled to parts of the world that have never been on my travel radar screen...you are now making me think twice. Wonderful! :)

  10. Extraordinary pictures Mary, that mist on the water in the last image is mesmerising.

  11. Love your stunning photos! I can almost feel the breeze off of the water and the cry of the seagulls!


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