Monday, December 5, 2016

A dash of Christmas magic. . . . . . . .

Because we'll be so far away for the Christmas holidays, decorating
 is not happening around the cottage this year. It's somewhat sad for me
 as I do love that part of preparing for the festivities . . . . . . .but come
 next year I hope to be here dragging out all those boxes of ornaments from
 the attic, setting up my tree in the gazebo, along with lights, wreaths and
 fresh green garlands on the front porch.

At SuzAnna's Antiques open house last week,
 I did buy this beautiful golden reindeer (oops,
it's more likely a stag!) also the sheet music stenciled
 with a sweet bird sitting on a holly branch with the
French greeting,  Joyeux Noël.
I'm displaying them so at least I have a small touch
 of Christmas to look at this week. . . . . . 
. . . . . . and of course I'm enjoying looking at all the 
beautiful decor around your homes.


  1. It is pretty Mary. I bet it's been hard for you not to decorate.

  2. Looks more like a stag than a reindeer, but never mind - it's really pretty!
    I will soon post some pictures of what my home looks like this time of year; not even remotely as beautiful and artistically decorated as what you do, but at least a bit more festive than the rest of the time :-)

  3. Love your new purchases - nice to add just a little touch of Christmas.

  4. Oh that vignette is just enough...the stag is a handsome fellow and the sheet music is giving me ideas!

  5. You found some wonderful treasures. I love them both. Our mail arrived today, thanks!

  6. Perfect, A nice touch of Christmas.

    Love to you,


  7. Yes, and I always love to "visit" your cozy littel cottage at Christmas so next year it is!


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