Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Magic Paintbrush. . . . . . . .

Sometime, during the chilly, rainy night, someone
 tiptoed through the garden with an artist's palette
 and a paintbrush.
At last we've had some rain. 
Early morning light showers later turned into a steady
 rain yesterday. 
This morning, when the sun came up, I puttered about storing a
 few items in the potting shed for Winter months, taking out the
 garbage, (someone has to do it!), and of course capturing a
 few garden shots to share the radiant colors, heartbreakingly
 beautiful after the rain.
We actually raked a ton of leaves on Saturday, now 
there are tons more! They will have to stay until we 
return after the holidays . . . . . too wet and too little
 time to work in the garden now.


  1. Such pretty colours Mary - happy holidays, and following on from your adventures may you return home refreshed and ready for more in 2017

  2. So pretty, Mary. That is long behind us here now. We are covered in snow.

  3. It is a sight to behold Mary. Wonder if those are Maple or Sweet Gum leaves.

    1. Mostly oak Donna. Raleigh is known as 'The City of Oaks.'
      Also a hickory tree in the mix.

  4. Beautiful! This fall has been one for the record books. The fall colors have been gorgeous.

  5. Oh, how beautiful. We're way past that into bitter cold temps and snow. :-(

  6. The leaves will provide a beautiful blanket for your garden while you are not there.
    All those colours have been gone for weeks now from my part of the planet; it's mostly a greyish-white world here now. It has its own fragile beauty and puts me in the right mood for Christmas.

  7. Beautiful Mary. Especially the first shot is worthy of a Magazine cover.
    Bon Voyage. Your upcoming trip sounds exciting. Have fun and take lots of pictures.

    1. Thanks dear Gina.
      Yes, will take photos and hopefully be able to show you some new to me places whilst on the cruise.

  8. Glorious - your blog is always so elegant - even in the beautiful leaves

  9. Beautiful color in your garden. The leaves will keep the ground warm for the plants that sit there.

  10. What is your favourite season where you live? All of them look so incredible.

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