Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Boxing Day Dip!

It's an old tradition shared by many waterfront communities here. . . . . . . and probably 
around the world. Crazy brave souls don their swimwear and jump or paddle into
 freezing cold water for the Boxing Day Dip on December 26th.

I was sitting at the table enjoying a late breakfast when screams and yells rose from
 the beach below! Hurrying to the window I was amazed by the huge crowd which
had appeared on the sands. Many were already in the water, some with their
 four-legged friends, perhaps clearing their fuzzy heads after the overeating
 and drinking which has become usual for many over the holiday season!
With this lousy head cold I had no plans to join in - plus I forgot to pack my
 swimsuit, or the even more needed wetsuit! 

This beach is Torre Abbey Sands, one I frequented as a young child because the
 water is shallow for a long way out, therefore safe for children and a great place to
 learn to swim. The large white building to the left is the Grand Hotel.
The long building closest to the grass is the stadium at the Recreation Grounds where
 rugby football is played. The one behind it, with the more fancy roof, is Torquay 
Station - trains arrive from all over the UK here bringing tourists to enjoy the coastal 
towns, country villages, Dartmoor, and Tor Bay which is popular for sailing etc.

Harbour sunset this evening.
Tomorrow morning we leave here for London - more coming later 
when I get home, and get caught up.


  1. Uhg! No way would I have gone in the water there, not at this time of the year!! But I suppose if you're part of a group and you dare each other, it is a harmless enough way to have fun.
    I hope you feel much better soon - travelling is no joy when you're not your usual self, is it.

  2. More gorgeous pictures Mary. You'd have to pay me to take a dip in winter.

  3. Beautiful photos from your vantage point above the bag. I'm dealing with a cold these days, too, and the thought of cold water tempts me not the least.

  4. Thank you for not joining those folks! They'll do it here on Sunday. Crazy people! I think they, at least, do it for charity. Feel better soon.

  5. Brrrr for sure! Thanks for the wonderful photos. I think I will stay wrapped in my woolies.

  6. How fun...but not for me! These are beyond beautiful pictures, Mary. If I ever make it to the U.K. I'll be sure to come here!

    Jane x


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