Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Crossing the Bay of Biscay. . . . . . .

Queen Victoria left Southampton Monday night with us, and a full complement
 of 1,900  passengers, 90% of whom must be Brits!!!  
So far the crossing from the English Channel to the Bay of Biscay has been
 fabulous with a moderate swell. Walking on the covered Promenade Deck
 and open Lido area has been a bit chilly, however this morning the sunshine
 is bright and I'm off shortly to promenade again while Bob sits comfortably in
 the theatre for the morning lecture by a well known British broadcaster.
 Why anyone would want to listen to someone talk about world politics
 rather than enjoy looking at this amazing ocean, beats me! 
Here, we are now passing the northern coast of Spain on our way to the
 first port of call, Lisbon, Portugal. We will arrive there tomorrow 

Two views from our balcony on this brilliant morning.

Anyway dear readers, Internet is somewhat slow, and very expensive,
 so I'm off now to enjoy life at sea!


  1. Dear Mary, if I had the choice between promenading on deck and enjoying the Sea view and air or sitting in a theatre for a lecture about world politics, the decision would be VERY easy... and it would not be for the lecture!

  2. Exquisite, but am afraid that I'd be with Bob. You must have figured your new camera out...wonderful sea shots.

  3. Stunning sea and sky colours Mary - I can safely say that my husband too would be in the theatre listening to the lecture on world politics.

  4. What a beautiful colour the sea is! enjoy.

  5. Perfection! I can nearly smell the sea air when I gaze upon these photos! The patina of the railing, the sea, the sky...I imagine your face beaming and relaxed. What a tonic!

  6. Gorgeous colours. I'd be out there walking with you!

  7. Yes, I'd take that ocean view any day!


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