Thursday, December 29, 2016

Traveling to London. . . . . . . . .

 . . . . . from the West Country was not easy the past couple of days. 
Cold, damp nights brought icy conditions and thick fog on the main motorways, 
sadly there were several multi-vehicle pileups with at least one fatality during early
 morning commuting hours.

We awoke early this morning and I rushed to take photos from the balcony before
my cousin came to drive us to the coach station to catch our Heathrow airport bus.
I'd never seen Tor Bay like this, early on a foggy morning. Remember, I didn't live
 here with bay views as a youngster - so this was totally different from my memories
 of our lovely town by the sea.

The tiny boat is the small winter ferry which plies back and forth between Torquay
 and Brixham, carrying mostly commuters on its 25 minute journey. We've watched
 it chugging back and forth several times a day whilst staying in the flat.
Today, the fog banks gave the shoreline a beautiful mystical look which was a
 new and quite different view of my hometown. . . . . . one I will always remember.

We are now in our hotel at Heathrow. 
Our window looks out onto the main runway of this gigantic world famous airport.
 We always request a room on this side as we love watching planes leaving for every
 corner of the world. Every 2 minutes a jet takes off. . . . . . it's been happening since
 our arrival at 3 PM and still continues now at 11 PM as I sign off here. 
Soon though it will shut down for the night. We will then enjoy calm hours for our
 'last sleep' here in my lovely England before flying back to the USA tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful photos, my friend. I think you are so smart to be at the airport hotel when travelling early the next morning. I'm hoping you have a lovely flight back to the USA !! Happy Happy New Year !!!

  2. Have a good and safe trip tomorrow. Beautiful photos of your home in England.

  3. It looks beautiful. Thank you for the photographs.

  4. Have a wonderful flight home to the U.S. after your trip home. It's nice to have two homes.

  5. Homeward travels and Happy New Year, Mary!

  6. By now you'll probably be up in the air, on your way back to the US... how quickly this last trip of the year went by for you! I hope you are feeling much better and did not suffer from the head cold all the time.
    Beautiful pictures, as always!

    1. Relaxing in the lounge waiting for our flight at noon! Usual hassle through Security but we made it OK. Hit Zara's sale in their airport location - a mad house - so didn't make any last minute splurges on clothes etc!!!!!!!
      Will be glad to get home now - still have the cold, am tired, and look forward to my own bed tonight, haha!
      Thanks for keeping up with me - Mary

  7. Sorry to hear that you're flying with a cold, hope you manage to get some sleep and feel refreshed when you arrive in NC.
    Happy New Year from Normandy!

  8. I do hope your journey back is safe, indeed you were able to take off, as the fog is still pretty bad here. Have a very Happy New Year Mary xx

  9. I am sure that you must be nearly home by now Mary - sleep tight in your own bed, and sweet dreams.

  10. Good afternoon Mary, Cornwall is a beautiful county and your photographs were lovely.
    We are the reverse of you, we are holidaying in Chicago with our daughter and son in law. Our sky line is totally different, but just as hypnotic. I have never been surrounded by so many tall buildings.
    Have a safe journey back home.
    Sending you warmest wishes for 2017.

  11. You should be safely landed by now, Mary, and tucked into your own bed in your own cottage - a wonderful place to be. Thank you for the views from that hotel room - what a beautiful spot your hometown is.

  12. Happy new year Mary. It looks like you had a wonderful time in England.

  13. Fabulous - I've been enjoying catching up on your travels. What glorious sights you have seen - wonderful places you have visited.

  14. Happy New Year Mary.
    Thanks for showing such lovely photos of Torbay, spent many hours walking along the promenade and shopping there.

  15. I feel like I have read this before and left a comment but as I don;t see one from me, here it is again! What a trip you had!


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