Monday, December 19, 2016

The voyage continues. . . . .

. . . . . . but the Internet has not been friendly!  
Will be catching up with you once we are back in the UK hopefully.   

Beauty on the walls of the cathedral in Malaga, Spain.



  1. Will catch up later! Enjoy every minute!

  2. Hope the voyage is going wonderfully. Enjoy!

  3. I know you are having a fabulous time. Enjoy!

  4. So meaningful! Christmas is next corner!

  5. Beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas at "home".

  6. Thinking of you dear Mary - what a dream cruise!
    I know you'll both enjoy every minute.
    Christmas in England will be very special for you!
    We spent a few days in London on our way to France one Christmas and window shopping in Regent Street is one of my best memories!
    I also bought lovely Christmas crackers from Harrods - price conversion on our Visa card was quite a shock but so worth it!
    Have a fun time I'll think of you having your Harvey's Bristol Cream.
    My parents always had a bottle in the grog cupboard too ha ha!
    Shane xxx

  7. What an incredible piece. Love it.


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