Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve 2017. . . . . . . .

Arrived home safely from Europe last night.
No unpacking, just fell into bed.
May celebrate the coming of the new year a bit more 
quietly this time around as we are somewhat exhausted, 
and now Bob is sharing my nasty cold!
Lovely to be home after a great time in England, 
Portugal, Spain and Morocco. 
More on all that later!

Hope your celebration is fun - may the year ahead bring 
you good health and much happiness.


  1. Dear Mary and Bob

    New Year's Day greetings from downunder!

    Wishing you both a year of good health, happiness and contentment, mixed with some interesting travels abroad.

    Shane 🎉🎭🎊

  2. Dear Mary, Great to have you back. Have a wonderful (quiet) New Year.

  3. Hope you shake those colds soon. I really want to get to Morocco one day. Look forward to hearing about your travels. We always stay in for the new year. I've had my pajamas on since 7 pm. Take care, Tammy

  4. Hope your new year is filled with more adventures. I don't know anyone who travels like you. Get well and looking forward to seeing about your trips.

  5. Happy New Year Mary and Bob! I hope your colds go away soon...
    Penny and Kent

  6. Happy New Year to you and Bob. xx Pam

  7. "Happy New Year, Mary. Looking forward to seeing your England photos."

  8. Happy New Year dear Mary and Bob! Good to hear you made it home safely and are tucked in your bed. Look forward to more stories on your trip once you have rested.

  9. Happy New Year! So glad you've arrived home and can recuperate in your own space.


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