Sunday, January 1, 2017

More Kenya Memories. . . . . . .

We met two bright and friendly young Qatar Airways flight attendants in London.
They sat at the table next to us in the pub on the chilly evening prior to our flying 
out the following morning. Learning they were Kenyans from Nairobi, we enjoyed
 chatting with them about our visit to their country in September. It was surprising
 that they had never actually been to the Masaai Mara area - not that far from their
 city - for a visit or on a safari. They had not seen these beautiful animals up close
 in their natural habitat, the bush and plains of their amazing homeland.

I realized that evening that although the world has become smaller due to
the ease of travel by air, people often have to do what is necessary to see places
whilst making a living. That elegant talkative young woman, and the quiet smiling 
young man, had obviously worked hard to reach their goals. . . . . . . completing
 their education, training with one of the most prestigious airlines in the world, 
and now holding jobs which will take them to wonderful places on the planet.
I really hope some day, even if only once, they will have an opportunity to take
 that tiny prop plane from their heaving, bustling hometown, and fly low across
 the Mara to see the stunning landscape, nature's African beauty, and the
 incredible wildlife roaming almost in their back yard.

All photos taken on my September 2016 safari trip to Kenya.

A very happy New Year to all my readers and friends around this amazing world.


  1. Sigh Mary. Nice photos to see this new year. I hope this will be the best year for you. Me, I am aiming low by trying to get some things done that I want to get done. Then, my goal is to start painting again and working at it each and every day. I'd like a productive year.

  2. Dear Mary - you really do show us the world in all its beauty - I hope you gave your new acquaintances your blog address so that they could see and admire just what they were missing in their own backyard.

  3. Happy New Year.
    Your Kenyan acquaintances sound rather you when you were young, eager to see other places. Little time to see the familiar, but the outside world looks interesting. Perhaps they are even caught in the trap of remittances.
    I doubt they will ever spend their money on a plane trip to see the native animals. I expect they have different priorities.

  4. Amazing images! Happy New Year, Mary!

  5. Happy New Year, Mary! Amazing wildlife images! Kenya is still the nearest place to my heart of all the African countries I've lived in.

  6. Al lot of Americans never got the chance to see the Ocean even if it is a couple of miles away. They are working hard to make a living! Anyway, I love those stunning photos! Wish you all an wonderful year!

  7. Your pictures are amazing. Yes, we need to make opportunity to go and see the world. I have thought of that often as I plan to see the Grand Canyon this year for the first time. The bucket list continues to grow and I must travel. You inspire me.

  8. Dear Mary
    I love those airport encounters!
    I always chat to fellow travellers (while my husband inwardly groans)!

    I'm sure your encounter with the two lovely Kenyans has sparked an interest in seeing the great Mara for themselves.
    Ive found your love of Africa infectious and it's on my travel list too - when we win lotto ha ha!
    We all take our own country for granted and are caught up in seeing 'the world'.

    Absolutely stunning photo editing Mary - and in the words of Oliver Twist " more please"!

    Hope you are both recovering from the awful jet lag and your colds.

    Shane x


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