Monday, January 16, 2017

Málaga and cruising. . . . . . . .

Málaga, capital of the province of the same name on the Costa del Sol,
 it is one of the oldest towns in Spain and in the beautiful region of Andalucia.
 It is surrounded on three sides by relatively high mountains and enjoys the mildest
 climate in Spain.

Early morning arrival - Málaga at daybreak.

Some those mountains are visible here - and the sun was out for a
 short time but then it clouded up and we had showers for much of the day.

No problem finding a juicy Spanish orange on the streets of Málaga.

We enjoyed our usual overview of the city via the Hop On Hop Off bus,
 then spent time wandering through the old city viewing the buildings and
 doing a little shopping, however it was not a beach day, and there are
 some lovely ones here along the Costa del Sol which attract hundreds of
 thousands of tourists in the Summer months.

The star marks our stateroom on this recent cruise.  
We really liked this location of our balcony cabin. 
It was very quiet, but close to the elevators and stairways, and high enough
 above the dining room that we were not bothered by late night cleanup noise
 which we did experience, and found somewhat annoying, on the previous
 cruise when we were in the same area but one deck lower. 
We enjoy longer walks - after all that eating - through the length of the
 ship to reach the entertainment areas - ballroom, theatre, pub, bars, music
 venues, library etc., all of which are usually forward in the bow of these ships.
Regarding choosing accommodation, some of you have asked for tips on
 selecting a comfortable/affordable cabin on a cruise ship.
 This was our second cruise on the Queen Victoria. Other mid-size ships
 we've sailed on have been Cunard's Queen Elizabeth and the Crystal Serenity
Ships of these proportions are really nice, hold no more than 2,000
 passengers, and don't feel at all crowded.
This link below to Cruise Critic's article on ship sizes and their offerings will be of
 great help if you are considering a cruise. For us the mega-ships will never be on
 our list, however the even smaller expedition ships are high on the list as always
 and we'll be cruising on another of those later this year.

Cruising is not for everyone, however it is an opportunity to see a lot of countries 
on one trip, with the comfort of only having to unpack once, and personally
 I really love that part!  
Cost can range from very expensive to a surprising bargain. 
I'm not an expert by any means, however if you are considering a cruise
 and need any further information I will be glad to point you in the direction
 of those who can help. . . . . .or answer any questions you may have regarding
my own personal experiences from exciting shipboard life.


  1. I don't think cruising is for me. But it is amazing how many countries you are able to see and experience. We visited several towns in Spain and all were so very lovely. The architecture certainly is amazing!

  2. What beautiful arcitecture Mary and those oranges ..... those trees are laden with fruit !!!
    What a wonderful time you are having. XXXX

  3. We'll be in Malaga at the start of February for 4 weeks. When I see those oranges, I know that winter is nearly over for me. It lasts six months here.

    Cruises? Done two, but never with the right person..

  4. Always such beautiful photos from your trips. Thank you for sharing with us, especially those of us who don't really travel!

  5. About 8 years ago The Great Dane and I discovered that we enjoy cruising. We find that it offers equal opportunity for rest and a little adventure for a couple such as we are, with unequal energy and health levels. The Great Dane has lots to do if he chooses to stay on board and I am not afraid of striking out on my own. We haven't traveled with Cunard so I will have to take a look!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Amazing photos!

  7. Next year we are thinking of taking a cruise. I am hoping we have as lovely an adventure as you have had on this trip. I didn't realize you were stopping in Spain. How wonderful.

  8. I just found your blog a couple of days ago. I love it. I am just beginning to do some traveling now that I am an empty nester.
    I just LOVE the BIG photos!!!! not the teeny, tiny, ones where you can't see anything.
    Mary M

  9. You pointed us to the Avalon river cruise we took last summer, and we loved every minute of it. We've been on one ocean cruise before that, and the river cruise was far and above in quality. I'm afraid we've been spoiled for anything else.
    Malaga looks like such an interesting city to visit.

  10. I think the lack of having to pack again is so appealing and those views of the ocean, incredible. now, Alex would never do it as she can't swim (wasn't allowed to learn)! One can dream...


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