Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lisbon, Portugal in winter. . . . . . . . . .

Lisbon cascades down many hills to the waterfront along the great River Tagus
 making it one of the world's most beautiful capital cities.
We arrived early morning as the city awoke.

The second longest suspension bridge in Europe - first named the Salazar, now officially
 the 25 April Bridge, but also answers to the name of the Tagus Bridge, or just 'the Bridge'.

Early morning ferries.
Once ashore we headed to the Hop On Hop Off bus knowing we would require
 transportation up those hills. Unfortunately the weather was very cold and although
 we started out on the open top deck - dressed in layers - we were so cold and
 windblown, that we had to move to the lower enclosed deck which of course
 was not conducive to taking photos.
Quite honestly I was frozen and really miserable on this particular sightseeing
trip - it took me forever to get warm again - and I felt somewhat glum when we
did get off the bus and walked, which we probably would have enjoyed more 
for our entire visit to this lovely city.

Looking down from the hillsides of Lisbon.

Lunch at a small restaurant where the chef and waiter were lovely guys,
all the other customers were locals, and our food was prepared to order.
 The Portuguese wine was excellent.
Thankfully I felt warm again after this stop!

Here you can get the feeling of the narrow, hilly streets.
We walked a few once off the bus and have to admit they were
quite a workout.

Torre de Belém - the five-storey fortress built between 1515 and 1521 to
 guard the approach to the city by water.

Lisbon was actually our first port of call on the cruise in December.
Next time I'll share our last stop before returning to England, the interesting
 city of La Coruña in northern Spain.


  1. Dear Mary, You may have been cold but you and your new camera have taken many wonderful shots.
    I'm hoping that Lisbon will be much warmer in March when we will be visiting.

  2. It looks like a beautiful city! I am sorry the weather didn't cooperate for you both!

  3. Dear Mary, Your photos are always so enchanting and lovely. Sometime I will have to ask for tips. Loved seeing your glimpses or Lisbon. So sorry you were chilled that probably didn't help you from avoiding a cold. Oh the house wrapped as a package, the meal you had, the flowers, the ferris wheel, and the street sights are all a delight.

  4. Two places I know the least about are Spain and Portugal. Thank you for sharing this post.

  5. Your photos are lovely! Have never been to Portugal! So on my Bucket list!

  6. The home wrapped up like a gift is delightful! Your time atop that bus sounds perfectly miserable.

  7. How lovely it all is, dear Mary. Your photos belie the chill in the air you've described. Such steep, steep streets. The bus would have been a very good idea. I'm glad your lunch break warmed you up; the meal looks absolutely scrumptious!

  8. Beautiful photos, Mary, of your trip to Lisbon. I love the light in the third photo. How bright and bold and intriguing this city is! My brother and his wife were there in September and I can recall their comments on the steep, narrow streets. Your pics gave me a clearer picture of their description.

    Happy weekend,

  9. So incredible. I LOVED these. I am in love with it. Now, the only thing is, is that I still want to go to Italy first and then there's Vienna and Switzerland and HAVE to see Norway the Fjords! Arg! Som amny lovely places.

  10. Bur instead, invariably, all our cash goes to seeing my mother and family in England whenever we travel hahaha.


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