Friday, January 27, 2017

La Coruña, Spain - Architecture and Fashion. . . . . . . . .

Named the 'Crystal City' because of the glass-enclosed balconies which adorn
the tall apartment buildings facing the harbor, La Coruña is a delightful mix of old and new. 
This area in the region of Galicia, is the wettest and greenest part of Spain, a world 
away from the popular resort areas. 

We walked around the city in an on again off again light drizzle, but still able
 to enjoy the architecture, plazas etc. 
As for a final chance at shopping, an exciting thing for me was discovering,
 with a little help from a local lady, the world's fashion giant Zara's flagship store. 
This company is actually based in La Coruña, its massive headquarters
 and design center being just a few miles outside the city.
Did I shop? You bet I did! The entire first floor of the huge shop was a showcase
 for that week's new stock and was full of amazing affordable items. I did 
notice that there were some very fashionably dressed women on the streets of
 this lovely Spanish port city.

La Coruña was our last port of call before setting sail for the return to
 Southampton, England. 
The Bay of Biscay was somewhat rough, but meeting up with several of our
 newly made friends on board, for good eating, drinking, laughing, and watching
 yet another fabulous musical show in the theatre, soon made us forget 
that the regal Queen Victoria was at sea tossing us, and the great singers
 and dancers, about a wee bit. All was good!

It's quite exciting cruising in winter, a much different feeling than in hot weather. 
Some people would not want to do it perhaps due to the lack of hot days on
deck, or sightseeing ashore in what can be chilly, wet weather. 
We thoroughly enjoyed it and would not hesitate to do it again.


  1. Dear Mary, You said you shopped. Would you do a fashion show for us? It might help me decide what to take for my trip to Portugal.
    Especially liked the facades of building covered in Azulejos. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    1. Gina, I'll be in touch re: clothes which you might want to consider for your trip - although it will I'm sure be warmer when you visit!
      I thought about you when I saw the tiles - so beautiful.
      Mary -

  2. Love your pictures. Just wish that I could go to Spain. It's so colorful and exciting. But, never been, probably never will. Pooh

  3. Thank you, thank you and thank you . . . I will never be able to travel and see these amazing places, but thanks to your camera and you taking the time to share I can enjoy the beauty. The balconies are enchanting and the sailboats in the harbor all red and blue . . . a picture postcard.
    Did I say thank you?
    Connie :)

  4. The Spanish ladies always seem to be effortlessly chic. What amazing architecture, I can imagine it must be blinding when the sun shines on all that glass

  5. Good to know you liked cruising in Winter. Oh, shopping at Zara's!!!! How wonderful! I would have been right with you on that one. Loved seeing the architecture of this beautiful city. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  6. It is many, many years since I was in La Coruña and now I regret that at the time I did not own a digital camera, in fact it must have been pre-digitals.
    Lovely to be reminded of the unique architecture, those galerias are wonderful and the tiling around them splendid - as ususal great photos from you dear Mary.

  7. The azulejos on the fronts of the buildings are gorgeous. What wonderful architecture. We have friends in Galicia and would love to visit them one day. I always think that French women are chic, but Spanish women are fashionable. Both lovely. What a splendid time you had on your cruise.

  8. Amazing photos Mary - I could easily be persuaded to hop on a plane to Spain/Portugal tomorrow!
    I love the architecture and vibrant colours.
    There was huge excitement when the first Zara store opened in Auckland last year.
    I bought a black and white check coat and a spotty shirt - I love them both & so cheap (my only worry is the child labour involved).
    Shane x

    1. Yes Shane, I know where you're coming from regarding the low paid, often under age labor practices of these fashion giants, and yes it's very sad. I try not to buy trendy throwaway items, rather more expensive basic classic things - such as the beautiful coat this time from Zara. I know it probably makes no difference in how/where it was made and I do feel somewhat guilty, however I'm hoping that the women and children in those countries where so much of the clothing is being made are somehow better off than they could ever be with no work, no wages, and therefore no food or basics of life at all. Also, we need to be aware that it's not just the lower priced clothing companies using that labor force - even the high priced chains and department stores here in the US sell a lot of clothing made in the same countries. We must bring back the labor force to our own shores, for all manufacturing, not just cars, furniture, appliances etc, textiles and clothing too. Over here, President Trump will hopefully follow through with his promises - we are counting on him!

      Mary -

  9. Dear Mary, your pictures are wonderful 😀 Thank you for sharing wonderful photos.
    Warm greetings
    Monika 🍀

  10. Wow, another place to visit and soak in. How gorgeous. Than you for showing us. I have yet to make it to Spain!

  11. Haha, I jsut went back to show Alex your lovely photos of here (after showing the ones of Portugal ) and she said, that's it, we need to go there on our next trip! :)

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