Saturday, January 7, 2017

Today is disappointing!

Up to nine inches of snow was expected.
At midnight I heard the sleet slapping against the windows.
At 6:30 AM I peeped through the blinds and saw a little white on the ground.
I went back to sleep hoping for more.
At 8:00 AM I was up, camera in hand, totally disappointed.
I saw branches bending over, and a layer of ice coating every surface,
 with just a shallow dusting of snow on top.

Fooled you!

 But lovely to see a pair of Eastern Bluebirds back at the suet feeder.

The always sweet Mourning Doves - later I poured warm water on the
 birdbaths to help melt the ice.

Many cardinals, male and female all over the garden today.

The Northern Flicker is back - first visit in a while.

One of the many 'furballs' inhabiting our garden and sharing gobbling the birdseed.
Grey squirrels - love 'em or hate 'em - they are cute, at times!
All creatures need food in this expected severe cold which will last several days.

All photos taken through the windows this morning - it's below freezing - but
guess what, it's actually snowing out there NOW as I go to post this!
Off to dig out my boots and recharge my batteries.


  1. Your nature shots are always lovely! We got about 8 inches of snow here in my area of NC. Come visit the blog if you have time, I am starting to post about the house we are building.

  2. That snow you were hoping for is over here. I'd say we have at least 8 inches. It may be heading your way now.
    I love when you share your through the window bird and squirrel photos. I am in awe of the great shots you capture.

  3. In spite of the disappointing morning, you captured some wonderful images of the birds in the cold. I hope you get some pretty snow photos later on! Stay cozy.

  4. Mary, your photos are delightful, even through the windows. I'm always in awe of how you capture the moment with your lens. Enjoy your snowy day, but stay safe out there in the icy conditions.

  5. In the icy depths of misery, it is nice to see the wildlife. -3 last night and the lake out back is frozen. I have been throwing cracked corn and dog kibble to the ducks and geese on top of the ice. The squirrels get nuts in the shells and the birds feeders are full. Other than that I am housebound. I have never seen a flicker eat anywhere but on the ground. Must be hungry.

  6. Your beautiful photos did not disappoint at all! Enjoy the white stuff...

  7. Dear Mary, Welcome back. Love these images. Hope you are feeling better.

  8. Cool Mary. Cool! In so many ways .
    Happy 2017 to you. May you have many photo opportunities - I love the results.

  9. Lovely photos. Do you ever submit some to National Geographic competitions?
    Stay cosy and warm. Incredible as it may seem, your weather forecasts appear on my TV screen every morning. (First cuppa of the day.) Ice on everything seems ridiculously cold to me. We are lucky here as the temperatures never get really hot or really cold. The humidity lately has been high though. I would send you some warm tropical air but it does not travel well.

  10. That about describes our day here in the west too. I do believe the ground will be white in the morning, but maybe a layer of ice too. Keep warm, dear friend!

  11. Birds are very smart and instinctively know where the bird-friendly houses are in their neighbourhood!
    Their mothers and fathers taught them well.
    I would be happy with even a little dusting of snow in Winter, but if it happened in Auckland that would be in all the record books!
    When we've been in England we found the squirrels very entertaining - we don't have them here sadly.
    I've picked up from bloggers they're not on the top of the ‘loved’ animal list – am I right in thinking they’re considered vermin which is how we feel about Opossums here. As they're nocturnal creatures they don't raid our bird feeders during the day.
    Happy days
    Shane x

  12. The whole Christmas time we didn't have any snow but after New Year we got quite some and also freezing temperatures ( now back to -0 celsius). Here in Helsinki was -20 celsius and up to north Finland it was some places -40 celsius (crazy cold). With those freeing temperatures we got also sunny days so it was really really beautiful.
    Have great week dear!

  13. Great pictures of the critters - hope you get all the snow you wish for. We are wishing ours would melt - after two weeks of snow on the ground we are ready for good old Washington rain.

  14. You are right, ALL creatures need some TLC when it gets so cold. My mom is in Mississippi -- she said they got rain and ice and it was 20 degrees which she's not too happy about. She moved from Ohio to get away from freezing weather. Great pics. Happy new week!

  15. So incredible. OK, not as much snow as wanted but what a collection of photos.


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