Saturday, January 28, 2017

Household Secrets Part I. . . . . . . . . . .

This week I've felt something stirring in the air. 
Perhaps it was the lovely sight of bright green daffodil leaves poking up through the piles of brown leaves cloaking the garden - a sign of Spring to come and the need to run to the garden center today to buy a bag of fertilizer.
Maybe it was the early morning sun shining through the dining room windows and highlighting the dust on the furniture!
Even more likely, and my favorite, was the tiny chickadee already checking the nest box hanging on the front porch, popping in the entrance and probably thinking about the cleanup required before raising a family there again - it will be the third year if this happens come Spring.

So I did some housework. However I also took a lot of photos around the cottage with my new camera because I still need to learn more about its operation and capabilities. Looking at items I love, and captured up close in the lens, I realized that I'm finding it difficult to become a minimalist when it comes to decor. Yes, downsizing is not something a collector of the past finds easy. The clean, crisp, contemporary look is often exquisite in the right place, but it is not my look. Even my daughter made a comment under her breath recently - something about my home being a museum. I said nothing. Funny thing is that I when recall that comment I really like it. Just as I like the bits and pieces I've gathered about me in this little space. Many are from places on the seven continents I've visited, others from local much-loved places such as SuzAnna's Antiques. Whether a century old linen tablecloth from the South of France, or a pile of chandelier crystals rescued from an old North Carolina antebellum mansion, I love them all and the fond memories they hold. 

Here are a few - more coming later - along with news of the big leap of faith I've
 just taken regarding a change in the living room decor. I think I have my
 decorating mojo back. . . . . these January days are not so bad after all.
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I'm with you Mary and I like the way you think. Though I am paring down considerably, I too have things I'll never get rid of.

  2. You too enjoy your weekend! Your home should look the way YOU want it, the way it feels HOME to you, not how anyone else thinks it should be looking, no matter how trendy or not it is.
    Nice to know spring is on its way in your area! We have had another beautiful sunny day today, and it is supposed to get considerably warmer tomorrow, but we still have probably at least one more full month of winter ahead.

  3. I love all of your beautiful things Mary. Looking forward to hearing what is going on in the living room!

  4. Beautiful images Mary...looks like you have the knack of your new camera! I had to laugh when you mentioned the "museum" comment, I so get that...but wouldn't life be dull if we did not have all those travel memories around us. It keep us focused on the next trip...especially helpful during those 'introspective' times. ;) Thank you for your lovely comment regarding Tika..very thoughtful. xx

  5. Your bits and bobs are full of interest and history. I am not a minimalist, either. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the practice routine of your new camera! Looking forward to seeing the changes in your living room.

  6. Dear Mary
    I know I could step into your cottage and feel totally at home!
    I wouldn't change a thing - I love the treasures you have collected over the years!
    The memories they hold for you and Bob are irreplaceable.
    You have a great eye for interior design - your beautiful vignettes have often inspired me to make little changes in my home too!
    I inherited my style from my mother I suppose - she loved the English country house look with linen and chintz fabrics. I've blended this with French country touches.
    My daughter would probably have the same comment if she was here Mary!!!

  7. I am so jealous that you have a little sign of spring already! It has been non-stop gray, dreary and freezing cold for weeks. Not one drop of sunshine. How can you not be a collector of so many beautiful things when you travel, right?

  8. Just what I needed to hear, I too find it very difficult to down size. I've brought all sorts of favourite bits & pieces, ( my husband calls junk ) with us to our small rented cottage. I need my own belongings around me. I'm beginning to wonder if I missed out on having a comforter when I was a child. I don't remember having one. Look forward to seeing some more of your arranging.

  9. Dear Mary, How exciting. Can't wait to see the results. We are still under several feet of snow. If anything is growing underneath, we wouldn't know it.

  10. Mary must have her mojo! :) I love that you love to decorate and show us your latest projects. Whilst we are VERY decluttered (having fitted everything we own into the back on one pickup truck* from moving to UK for those 4 months), I still nevertheless love goodecor if one has the room for it and the means to do that well. For example, my dear mother has left me her beautiful family granmother clock. I have always adored it but the reality is, I can;t afford to ship it here to Colorado and even if I could it would look totally out of place with our more modern, convenient furnishing and worst of all, it is so dry here, it is not place for such gorgeous antiques. So, I hope to sell it to my sister or auction it to a good home but in reality, I wish I could have it as all I have is one small painting my great grandmother did (her paintings are in Buckingham palace).


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