Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wildlife. . . . . . . . .

Yes, I'm responsible - I confess.

I'm often very cute but sometimes really naughty.
Especially when she forgets to refill the suet feeder. 
I try to chew and claw my way through the plastic hoping 
there's another morsel remaining.

Then I give up and swing back on to the heavy duty seed feeder and
 scoff a ton of sunflower seeds, and of course my favorite peanuts, before
the birds arrive.

Pair of Eastern bluebirds who seem to enjoy the suet too.

Also the Pine siskin and the handsome woodpecker.

Mr. Cardinal watching cautiously while awaiting a turn on the nearby feeder.

With the ice and snow gone after two days of 70+ temps. and lots 
of sunshine, the garden remains a playground, and restaurant, for 
our wildlife.


  1. How wonderful to have woodpeckers come to your feeders! I know there are some around in the gardens around my house, but I have never seen one coming to my window sill. There, my regular visitors are doves, blackbirds, tits and the occasional squirrel.

  2. Beautiful photographs Mary. Such different scenes from my snowy white countryside. You have made my day!

  3. Oh yes, the bounty we provide those naughty squirrels. Your birds are amazing! I had a beautiful flicker yesterday and wished I had my camera ready. He landed on the snow on a branch and the snow fell taking him along. He quickly caught himself on another part of the tree and sat for a few moments to gather himself back together. This morning there were 2 squirrels hanging on one of the feeders. They are so entertaining. We have to look for those little things when stuck indoors in the snow.

  4. Wow. You are getting spring temperatures there! It was mild here but only in the upper 40'sF for a couple of days with rain and fog from that same weather system. I love your squirrel and bird photos. A birder in our province captured pics of Eastern Bluebirds this past week!! They always go south but these ones have stayed and survived the winter so far. Amazing! Take care and have a nice week coming up. xo Pam

  5. I love your clear, focused pictures. These varieties of birds, but for the cardinal, are new to me. And squirrels tend to look different from one region to the next.

    Glad you made it okay through the storm...I was worried.

    Cold here as per usual. :(

    Jane xxxx

  6. If I was a bird I would make your garden my home too Mary!
    Great photos - are these taken with your iPhone? I've just upgraded to the 7 Plus too!
    Your temps are amazing considering you had snow not long ago.
    Shane x

  7. Thanks Shane - also for your e-mail.
    No, didn't take these with the iPhone 7Plus - but it does take pretty good pix in a pinch, much better than any other mobile phone I've had.
    These are with my new Sony camera - love it - which bought just before leaving for the Europe trip due to an emergency with my Canon.
    I'll be posting on those cameras and what happened soon!

    Mary -


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