Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Looking back. . . . . . .

Just a tiny ball of fine feathers, weighing in at no more than 1/2 oz/12 grams.
My favorite garden bird, the Carolina wren, enjoying a short spurt of warm
 sunshine on the front porch yesterday.
Singing loudly!


  1. Sweet little fluff. Hope the weather is good where you are. My mom and brother are in Hattiesburg where a tornado hit over the weekend but they are fine. It hit the outskirts of town. And more tornadoes went through Georgia where I used to live. Scary stuff for sure. Take care!

  2. Isn't she a pretty bird, I love her too Mary!
    So tiny and delicate with beautiful markings.
    Your photo is perfection!

  3. I am with you there Mary - our little resident Wren is my favourite too - running around the garden like a clockwork toy - what a wonderful photo you have captured.

  4. A lovely photo! It must be wonderful to have felt the sun and listened to this song!
    Jess xx

  5. Yes, perfection. Dear Mary, you have made my day. It is seldom that we see a wren. They are the sweetest little creatures.

  6. A Carolina Wren...how cute! Seeing him must bring a grin. He has me smiling.

  7. He/ she looks so cute and plump.

  8. Oh, dear little wren, how wonderful to see you and know you are singing for my Mary and Bob.

  9. Can a bird be a chummy little follow or does that only apply to children? :) so sweet.


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