Monday, January 9, 2017

Snow and ice day outtakes. . . . . . .

. . . . . . . it wasn't all about the birds. I promise.

Front porch - jasmine still hanging on, old bird houses and lanterns rusting out,
 paint peeling. . . . . not much new or rearranged so the birds loving hanging out here.

Dried hydrangea heads dangle with a covering of ice crystals.

Potting shed awaits Spring - a cleaning and reorganizing chore ahead for me!

Garden plants take on a Winter disguise.

Fire wood being used each evening - gathering by a crackling fire on these cold nights
is so comforting.

Here's to the next snow day - hopefully with soft, fluffy white flakes
 for snowballs and snow people!


  1. I would be really looking forward to getting out in that potting shed, Mary. I'm ready for spring. :)

  2. No more snow please here in my area. We are still waiting for our 8 inches to melt. Still house bound after 4 days. And our builder can't start anything until the snow is off the roads and they can get please no more snow in my area :-)

  3. Are you expecting more snow? Your gardening shed looks darling in the snow.

  4. On one hand, after that long sad year in NY State with snow storm after snowstorm, I don't want to see it ever again. But yours is beautiful :) On the other hand, I am planning to return to NY and will no doubt, be seeing all that snow again someday :)

  5. Ice crystals on plants here too. Pretty, but treacherous for getting out and about. Stay safe!

  6. Dear Mary, I love your little garden house. The green the blue and the purple are just fabulous.

  7. Hi Mary,
    Doesn't snow make everything look so pretty ... and clean ?
    I love that little squirrel .... not everyone likes then do they ? We get a few in our garden and, because there aren't too many, they don't really do any damage so I love them .... same with the foxes.
    No snow here yet but we might get a flurry later in the week.
    Keep warm Mary and take care in that snow. XXXX

  8. Your potting shed phot here looks so lovely, again! o


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