Friday, January 13, 2017

I see the moon. . . . . . . . .

"Hurry, come down to the street, I want to show you something."
Last evening I grabbed my shoes and followed Bob down the driveway, 
turned my eyes slightly left over the rooftops of neighbors' houses lit for the evening,
and there it was. . . . . . . . the most beautiful brilliant full moon.
Back to the house for a camera, many photos taken of course, but this is my 
favorite with the moon hanging from the bare tree branch like a giant ornament.

Full moon 100% - night of January 12, 2017.


  1. Kent and I enjoyed it out in our driveway last night too. That is an amazing shot!

  2. Oh, you did good Mary. When I photograph the moon it looks so tiny. Last night you could tell a storm was coming by the large ring around it. Icing, but I think we're going to miss the worst of it. YAY!

  3. Gorgeous, perfect shot! I thought of doing the same, but at 11 degrees outdoors I decided to stay inside. Thanks for sharing your beauty.


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