Friday, July 12, 2019

A quick look around London shops. . . . . . .

Here I am, kinda visiting London again, but virtually!
Looking back to start on more Irish posts only to find English posts from
May which I've never posted! It's hard to keep up when traveling.

I only used my iPhone that day in town so photos are not the best.

Get off the Underground at Knightsbridge. . . . . . . 

. . . . . and you'll be on the doorstep of world famous Harrods which currently is
 'under wraps' while getting a face lift.

Those of us who thought phone boxes were history are wrong!

The ever mind-blowing Harrods' Food Hall - where a pound of good cheese is a week's paycheck for some!

 Portrait print tote bags from Simone Rocha. At $300.00 plus I'll continuing toting 
my Aldi's and Trader Joe's 99 cent shopping bags!

I won't even tell you the price tags on these!

I just knew someone would come up with an idea for my old trench coat!
Talk about from riches to rags!

Pretty dresses for pretty little rich girlies!

Selfridges, always the lovely department store.
I checked the hair salon and asked the price of a shampoo and blowout thinking
I'd fly home with non frizzed, shiny, clean hair. "Yes, they could take a 'walk-in' for
 140 pounds sterling." I almost fell over!
I excused myself to the elegant receptionist already with non-frizzed, shiny hair,
and I crept out to share the news with Bob. . . . . . and we went merrily on our way
to the exit!

Poor Mr. Selfridge, he must be turning in his grave.

And then there is ZARA. . . . . . . I'm usually excited, never disappointed,
 and always find something fashionable and affordable.
I bought a black and white striped tee with PARIS appliqued on the front!

London for shopping is wonderful if you're rich and perhaps famous - I didn't qualify!!!


  1. Well now we know what to do with our old the top off!! What absurdities!!

  2. But I always tell myself "looking if free". That coat is hilarious. Loved just looking at Harrod's a few years ago. What we splurged on was lunch, which was a total treat.

  3. It's been so long since my last visit to London (12 years), but I remember each trip to Harrod's well. So you bought a Paris shirt in London - will you buy a London one when in Paris? :-)

    1. Yes, wasn't that silly of me! Actually the tees were on sale and a bargain, so nice I couldn't resist - love black/white stripes and the golden yellow of PARIS caught my eye - if there had been a LONDON one I guess I would have bought that one!

    2. Yes, wasn't that silly of me! Actually the tees were on sale and a bargain, so nice I couldn't resist - love black/white stripes and the golden yellow of PARIS caught my eye - if there had been a LONDON one I guess I would have bought that one!

  4. Prices of clothing in upscale stores always astounds me. And that trench coat - how ridiculous! It's amazing what some designers - and customers who buy them - will say is fashionable.

  5. The fashion photos are especially scrumptious! I want that trench! The models with blunt hair styles remind me of you!

  6. You're funny, Mary! i thought I was the only person who took photos of mannequins and the inside of stores! :) Ah, I love the virtual stroll and always make point to visit there whenever in London but never buy! I usually end up with the same friend who would go with me when we were teens and a bit older. He still goes there regularly as the church he attends is across the road, as it were.

    Hope you are well?! When is your next trip? As it is, Alex and had planned a trip way back in November last year which we were going to cancel now, having moved yet again, BUT it was simply too cost prohibitive, so now that we've found someone to watch our Scottie, we'll be heading there in August! Phew! Will get to see my cousin who will be up in Yorks visiting my sister the same time we are there, of all thigns. She live sin Addis, so it's been quite a while since I've seen her.

    Anyway, we need to catch up. As you will have determined, we never did get to move into that beautiful loft due to the record breaking amounts of rain, preventing the occupants there from moving into their new home as that too got delayed many months. In fact, as we speak, they STILL are waiting to move out and into their new home. It will now be September, at the soonest, almost an entire year later! As it is, maybe all for the best, as some other things were not as they were presented so some opps rather closed. Still, we did accomplish some important stuff with Alex's mother and step pops which one can never put a price tag on so that is good! After getting to a good point there, we decided it was a good time to move, as hard as it was to say goobye to some extent too. Now we are in CA, and close to my father. he had a hard winter so being here will be good. Anyway, lots of unknowns still but we are sticking in and doing our best, as it were. :)

    If you have a chance, do pop over to my blog and read the latest brief post. I'd love to get your feedback. Thank you.

    P.S. 4 months will take an awfully long time to get through all your posts so perhaps I'll doa bit at a time, as now able and before I get too bust with other things again!

  7. Take a trench coat, rip it up, put a designer label on it and charge an insane amount of money. Someone will be crazy enough to buy it. That's the world we live in. :) Enjoyed your virtual tour, Mary. Hugs, Nancy

  8. I can't believe the prices on some items. I think it's ridiculous. As for that trench coat ... will people actually pay good money for something that looks like it came out of the trash?


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