Thursday, July 18, 2019

Hot and cold!

Of course it is summertime.  
So the heat continues.
Stay inside if possible. . . .  
. . . . says she heading out to fill the bird feeders!
Our winged friends look bedraggled and
tired, and I feel guilty watching them
trying to find a seed or nut.

Making icy cucumber gazpacho today.
Cool pasta salad (I'll share a really good recipe later).
Fresh strawberry shortcake.
No oven - no grill - thankful for refrigeration!

Chilling out - perhaps some rain this evening which will be welcomed.


  1. As you said, it is summer after all...
    You are so good, looking after the birds in your garden so well, no wonder they love coming to "Mary's Hotel & Restaurant" :-)

  2. I am doing the same thing today. Pasta salad with white beans and ham chunks. Nice cool key lime pie for dessert. No cooking today.

  3. I am thankful for refrigeration too! And air conditioning lol!!! :) We're getting that heat wave too for the next three days so we're totally hiding indoors, mind you we will be often checking on the little triplets to make sure they're okay and have plenty of water. I don't think I'll be using the oven much either! I have so much lettuce growing, it'll be a salady weekend! :)

  4. Can't think of anything better than Gazpacho on a hot day!

  5. Love your daisy image Mary - I have made a load of pesto, so enjoying being able to make a quick pasta dish topped with sweet roasted tomatoes, followed by strawberries and homemade ice cream.
    Sleeping is difficult at the moment - the nights are far too hot, but we are crossing our fingers too for some much needed rain - oh dear! are we ever satisfied 💛

  6. Your meal sounds wonderful!! Would love the recipe!


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