Monday, October 21, 2019

Home - the best place to be!

We made it home from London yesterday evening after battling thousands
at Heathrow, then Charlotte, and even here in Raleigh! Airports are just getting so
 difficult, tiresome, and getting through them in those ever lengthening lines is like
 fighting a battle.  Seems everyone has TSA Pre Check now!  We do have 
Global Entry which gets us through Immigration faster - however as usual I was 
called aside because of my fingerprint problem - I don't have any clear ones for
 the machine to read! Perhaps it's easier in Business/First but for the rest of us - the
 majority of us - it's murder in the airports these days.

I'm too busy/tired today to write much now.
The garden is still suffering from the drought which was in effect 
when we left. It's cooled a bit but apparently only a light shower fell
the entire time we were gone, almost three weeks! 
No much-needed soaking rain.
I looked out early this morning as the sun came up - jet lag had me up
 before 5 AM, so I started unpacking. Then I noticed just a touch of color 
brightening the morning - those hardy little morning glory seeds did
germinate after all!

I'll be back here later in the week - stories and photos to share of some new, interesting, 
often mysterious, lovely places and beautiful people. . . . . . .and tales of life on board 
a small ship.


  1. Welcome back home, dear Mary! Your brief description of flight-related procedures make me tired even just reading about them... yes, travelling has maybe become faster and more comfortable in terms of technology, but definitely not in terms of procedure!
    Looking forward to your next posts, but please take your time; jet lag is not to be taken too lightly.

  2. Welcome home, dear Mary and Bob. It's hard to believe that it's been 3 weeks already. I look forward to hearing more about your trip. How sweet those little blue morning glories are. I hope you recover quickly from jet lag - it does take awhile!

  3. Welcome back! I am shrouded in fog here on my side of the state today. We had rain all day on Saturday and more called for this afternoon and tomorrow.

  4. Airports are the pits. Glad you're home safely.

  5. Glad to hear that you are safely home, Mary.

  6. Welcome home! International jet lag is terrible, especially coming home (worse). I know it will take you at least a few days to feel "normal" again. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

  7. Welcome home, Mary! I hope that things can improve for travelers because airport miseries are so unpleasant. A lot of the fun of travel has been removed and that’s a shame.

    Anyway, I hope you’ve returned to a beautiful autumn and cooler temperatures. Looking forward to seeing your pics and reading your stories, which I know will be fascinating.

  8. I have fingerprint problems also - think those of us that played piano and perhaps typed a lot (?) wear out our fingerprints earlier.

  9. Welcome home dear friends. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip and also seeing your photos.

  10. Welcome home! Love the morning glory picture.

  11. Yes, I don't know how you still have the boundless energy to do all that. I hate most airports these days but Sacramento's and Denver's. Actually, surprisingly, Louisville's Mohammed Ali Airport is quite restive in comparison. It definitely makes sense for you to have that global pass and the TSA one, while more used is good too for travelers like yourselves.


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