Wednesday, October 23, 2019

What the.................?

Amazing what a heavy shower can bring!  Yesterday's evening visitor arrived
 when the much-welcomed rain stopped - and following Bob's refilling of the
 bird feeders which had remained empty during our three week absence.

Looking out the window - while awaiting the pasta boiling in the kitchen - I was
 thinking how pretty the rays of the setting sun were illuminating the potting shed.
Then I saw it - a big, hefty healthy looking raccoon, bright-eyed and bushy tailed,
 nibbling away at seed which Bob had scattered on the ground for the squirrels!

Sent a quick photo to my neighbor, his response was, "must be the one who's
 been digging in my garden whilst you were away."
It quickly made its way under the shed when it realized he/she was spotted, but came
 out again later and Bob scared it away. Hoping it's not living under there, 
raccoons in our area can carry rabies!

Our fig tree yesterday after the shower............and as you can see there's still not
 much going on here when it comes to falling leaves or even leaf color changing - all
 due to lack of rain or cool weather.

Roll on autumn, I'm ready for sweaters and coats!


  1. Yes, raccoons often carry rabies. Hope he finds somewhere else to be or you may have to give up feeding the squirrels. I have a squirrel in my attic and can’t figure out what to do about it. I am going to probably have to hire an exterminator. And I thought the squirrel cage on the chimney was going to take care of the problem. I am so not a critter person. 🙃

  2. That is one adorable raccoon. We don't see very many raccoons in my part of the world.
    Do you know that oral rabies vaccines baits are put out to combat rabies in the raccoon population? I still wouldn't want to encourage raccoons hanging around though.

  3. Raccoons can be pesky critters. I do hope he moves on to other pastures. I look at your fig tree and contrast it with my own nearly nude tree with a few golden leaves clinging on for dear life.

  4. I love their looks, but I doubt I would want one living on my property. On the other hand, I am always in two minds about wildlife... after all, they were there before us, and have just the same right of living on this planet than we do. Having said that, I am the first to shudder when I spot a spider in my flat!

  5. Well, hello there... little raccoon. I think they are cute but I don't think I'd like them around my house. I hope you get some sweater weather soon. It has been rather warm the last couple days but they promise some cooler temps soon. Take care.

  6. I hope that raccoon isn't digging under your shed either! We've had damage from groundhogs and then this summer, chipmunks. The seeds will definitely attract the critters.

    I wish I could send you some of our's downright cold here now! I'd trade you for some of your warm weather. ;-)

  7. Ugh! Those critters are very pesky. Some people think they are cute, but I know their naughty behaviors. Hope yours goes elsewhere. We are still getting a few ripe figs. Your tree is so pretty.

  8. Hope that racoon finds another home! We are starting to see fall colors here....


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