Friday, October 11, 2019

Moroccan Colors -

Today we have been at sea with no shore excursion. Water quite flat mostly. 
One whale and a lot of dolphins spotted from the deck.
Beautiful sunshine and comfortably warm so enjoyed lunch on the lido deck 
under a bright blue umbrella. 

We are now sailing to the desert city of Laayoune via the port of El Marsa.
 We will have a tour ashore tomorrow morning - Saturday, October 12. 
We are told we will be escorted by Police!!!

Just a few photos to show you some colors of Morocco from the past couple of days.
More to come.  

 Entrance to an art gallery in Agadir.

Musicians welcoming us to lunch in Agadir.

 Home for a few of the many, many feral cats in Agadir............

.............such as this one on the wall of the Casbah overlooking the harbor.

 Beautiful Moroccan traditional bread.

Our traveling friend Kim - from bus to a camel at the Casbah stop!


  1. Such a colorful place. Enjoy your tour tomorrow.

  2. The police? There's more to the story...

    Beautiful photos. I wish that I could reach out and try a piece of that bread.

  3. Beautiful photographs. Keep them coming.

  4. Fabulous Moroccan colours - pleased to learn that your trip is going well.

  5. Only in Morocco-those colors! Great Photos Mary.

  6. Oh wow, the colours are awesome. So vibrant too.

  7. That blue is fantastic, and I love the bread. We had very similar looking bread in Tunisia many years ago, and again they sell a similar type at all the Turkish shops and bakeries here in my home town.

  8. Dear Mary, how wonderful to see you are in Morocco! ( I have been missing in action as I have also been travelling). The colours are gorgeous, especially that beautiful blue. Enjoy it all xxx

  9. Beautiful photos, Mary! I love traveling through your eyes. :-)

  10. What fabulous photos and even that one of the cat is impressive. :)


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