Sunday, October 27, 2019

Portimao, Portugal..........................

October 6, 2019
Sunrise 7:33 am
Early Mist and 82F

Arriving in port early morning, Portimao's busy marina - already a brilliant blue sky - and 
by 8:30 am we were aboard the coaches and heading out on the morning tour.

Only for the truly brave - walking on the windy cliffs of Cabo de. S. Vicente.

Our guys, Rob and Bob at the Cabo de Sao Vincente lighthouse
situated on the most south-westerly extremity of Europe and watching over 
busy shipping lanes. It's one of Europe's brightest lighthouses and can
 be seen from some sixty miles away!

Outdoor dining as only the Europeans can do it - waiting for the lunch crowd.

Shopping opportunity in Lagos.

A very warm 82F and a brilliant blue sky while visiting Lagos, Sagres and
 Cabo de. S. Vincente (Cape St. Vincent).

Prince Henry the Navigator - born 1394

This statue commemorates the 'prince of Portugal', regarded as an originator
 of the Age of Discovery and the Atlantic slave trade, and who used Lagos as
 a launch pad for many of the expeditions he commissioned. It was inaugurated
 in 1960 on the 500th anniversary of his death.

We headed back to the ship for our lunch. On most days, when aboard, we dined 
(as did the majority of the passengers) on the open Lido Deck where the always 
amazing buffet was served. . . . . .and relaxing and chatting was so enjoyable.
A more formal served lunch was also available in the dining room but we
 much preferred eating outside in the sunshine and watching passing boat traffic.

Next port of call takes us back to a favorite place in Spain!


  1. It still looks all very summery, in spite of it being October. No wonder you preferred eating outdoors! I have tried to find the statue of Henry the Navigator in the photo but failed. Where is it hidden?

  2. Oh, I have just spotted the statue - it is only visible to me when I click and enlarge the picture. It may have something to do with me looking at your blog from my ipad.

  3. I love the windows with the ironwork balconies, reminiscent of a more gracious era.

  4. I am just about to write about a navigator too, but mine is an English one. They were such brave adventurers those seafaring men of old. Love that umbrella or is it a sunshade! Lovely sunny enticing photos Mary.

  5. How beautiful, Mary. I would dearly love to see Portugal (husband has some Portuguese ancestry) and you are whetting my appetite. The baskets, the bags, the ceramics, all lovely. I love the old white church. Thank you for sharing it all.xx

  6. Beautiful! Did you walk on the cliffs? It does look as if it would be exciting and dangerous. The thought of dining out on the deck watching the boats, etc., does sound wonderful.

  7. What a great adventure! I love these photos...enjoy your day!

  8. How beautiful it all is! Dining on the deck sounds like perfection!

  9. Stunning photos! I'd be sitting on the deck of that boat any time I was able, too!

  10. I think with those blue skies and sunshine eating on the deck would be amazing. Love seeing your gorgeous photos, dear Mary. I think I would have bought one of those bags, maybe a shopping bag for sure. Beautiful, beautiful sights.

  11. Last night Tim and I watched Rick Steves in Portugal on PBS and I thought of your recent visit there. He talked about Prince Henry the Navigator and here is his statue on your blog! The sunshine and water look lovely. I'd choose eating outdoors, too!

  12. Oh, and I think it must be around the time to offer you Happy Birthday wishes!

    1. Yes, last Sat. Thanks for remembering Lorrie.

    2. Yes, last Sat. Thanks for remembering Lorrie.


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