Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Baking this week?

No way!
I was planning to use up what are too many blueberries in the refrigerator
but we leave this week. Instead we're eating up what needs to be gone. 
Tonight a veggie flatbread and green salad, both enhanced with the last
flavorful Roma tomatoes from my neighbor's garden.

I'll be freezing some foods - the remaining perishable items will go to our
 neighbors. I overbuy sometimes as I love to see bowls of fresh fruits, and
 of course vegetables, sitting on the kitchen island. The summer season for
 eating fresh locally grown is now coming to an end . . . . . . by the time we
 return even the weekend Farmers' Markets will be closed until next spring.

Blueberry-peach galette made earlier this summer.

P.S.  Have you ever shopped at a Wegman's grocery?  Our brand new store - first in the area - opened
just 5 mins. drive from here on Sunday.  There was a lot of excitement in town. We waited until late 
afternoon to stop for a quick look - well 'quick' was impossible as it's gigantic. We didn't plan to buy much as we're going away, but it was fun looking at so many specialty areas such as the cheese, seafood, wine etc.  Last night on the local news we discovered we were two of 30,000 (yes that's thirty thousand) people who stopped by the store between 7 am and midnight on Sunday, amazing!
Talk about a 'destination store', this is it!


  1. Gotta love a new grocery store! We had a new one open, not as fine as yours, of course, but exciting all the same for our little town. (It is a chain grocery.) I waited several weeks before I dared to go in!

    The galette looks wonderful. You must be eager to get going on your next journey.

    1. Yes Vee, eager and very busy now. We leave on Thursday and lots to get done before then!

  2. I lived in western NY for years and there were Wegmans everywhere there. They are great stores! Our little local famers market last through October. We missed it last Friday but plan on heading there this Friday.

  3. Good luck with your trip planning. There is always so much to do to leave the house in a proper state. I haven't mentioned it on my blog yet, but I'm going to Spain next week with a group of 12 of my Spanish students. I'm trying to leave a few things in the freezer for Tim to eat, and am also hosting an early Canadian Thanksgiving dinner for family this weekend, while trying to get things organized at school for my on-call teacher. Am I crazy? Sometimes I think I am.

    Wegmans sounds like an interesting store. There is a Whole Foods store in town that I haven't even visited yet.

    1. Would have been great to meet up in Spain Lorrie - we'll be in Cadiz next Monday!
      Have a great time.

  4. I overbuy on produce, too. It's so pretty when you see it (farmer's markets, roadside farm stands, even the grocery store) that I get overexcited and think to myself, "Oh, I'll make this and this" and then don't get around to it. I have on my to-do list today to roast a big pan of veggies. That's a good way to use those up. I'm making your tomato galette recipe again tomorrow night for dinner. We don't have Wegman's here in the Midwest. But they just built a ginormous Woodmans two miles down the street from us. Our little town (only about 7000 people) is starting to build up. There's pros and cons to that. Anyway, we checked out the Woodmans when it first opened and because we wanted to check out the entire store and what they had, we were there for 2-1/2 hours!

  5. I have heard of Wegman's, but not been to one. I don't think there is one in our area. That is indeed a lot of people for one day. Do you freeze blueberries? I love having them in my freezer all winter long; so we pick about 11 pounds each year just for the freezer. Your peach and blueberry galette looks amazing.

  6. Hardly surprising, I have never heard of Wegman's, let alone been to one, but I am sure you'll be back there after your trip :-)
    Speaking of which, have a safe journey and a wonderful time!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wegmans! When you get home try the Red, White and Blue bread, and the outrageous chocolate cookies, they are both fabulous. Of course there are lots of other things there I like as well, like the cheese counter, and all of the prepared foods but the bread and the cookies are my favorite.


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