Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Revisting Cadiz, Spain---------------

October 7, 2019
Sunrise 8:25 am
Arrival 8:00 am
Temp. 80F

Cadiz, located on a peninsula jutting out into the bay, is almost entirely
 surrounded by water. It is said to be the oldest surviving city in Spain and
 was founded by the Phoenicians in 1100 BC and later occupied by the
 Carthaginians, Romans and the Moors. A fascinating old town with
 waterfront gardens, beaches and quaint open squares, it is a busy port and
shipyard today and, since ancient times, its natural harbor has attracted
 fishermen, merchants and ships trading along the Atlantic coast.

Early morning - always a great time to explore a city, especially one set 
on the water.

The Cathedral of Cadiz.

 Coffee morning with the Spanish ladies.

 Interesting apartment building lobby, with laundry drying above!

Quaint side streets.

Glimpses of old Cadiz, Spain.

Cadiz was somewhat quiet the day of our visit as it was a religious holiday.
That evening we set sail for Casablanca, Morocco, a distance of just
190 nautical miles.


  1. A beautiful city and I was charmed by the garden mirror so beautifully displayed. I also like the “monet” of things to come in your first photo.

  2. What a pretty place. One day I hope to make it to Spain.

  3. What a beautiful city and your photos showcase the mix of architecture and design that reflects its long history.

  4. Cadiz is certainly an attractive place, Mary. I love the Moorish influence, and the beautiful old cathedral. I would love to see Spain and Portugal one day!

  5. An early morning walk in this beautiful city would be awesome. Love everything, even the laundry hanging from a balcony. The ceramic tiles are beautiful. Ladies sitting together over coffee would be a delight.

  6. Hew do you like Spain, compared to other surrounding countries to visit? I'd like to go there one day but more so Portugal, Madeira, etc.


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