Monday, December 21, 2020

All Around the House and Poinsettias -


We visited a garden center a week or so back to gather some greens
 for the mantel - Santa and reindeers were almost airborne!
The poinsettias were perfect, and there were thousands, but we didn't
 buy any this year with no company coming to the cottage, plus not
 wanting to spend too much time around other shoppers - now I feel
 somewhat guilty.

This local garden center/nursery is one of the top poinsettia
 growers/researchers in the USA - here they grow over 30,000 plants
 annually.  Their displays and greenhouses are a breathtaking sight
around Christmas. 
Usually there are hundreds of shoppers and many photographers.

The gift shop always has the most beautiful ornaments - this was my
 favorite this year.
A few more colorful cottage corners.

Time is getting short.  Today we deliver gifts to little ones and their
parents - just front porch stops, no going into homes, no hugging, no
 sitting and nibbling or drinking and toasting . . . . . . . oh for a real, 
old fashioned Christmas!


  1. The poinsettias are beautiful. Hope that you blow some kisses today. 💕

  2. Poinsettias are indeed stunning plants...but my problem is what to do with them at the end of the season. It seems so sad to just throw them away and I've never managed to keep one successfully.

  3. Dear Mary,
    The light pink Poinsettia is my favorite. I always look for them. Was able to find them at Trader Jose this year.
    Poinsettias are not my favorite plants but nothing competes with them when you need a little color in a forgotten corner.

  4. Dearest Mary,
    What a wonderful nursery for growing quality Poinsettias and yes, they have to make a living off selling those! Not for being just photographed... SAD and you could have used their link at least as a free advertisement for compensating for your prized photos.
    While living in Indonesia, we saw the Poinsettias grow into tall almost tree-sized plants.

  5. Wow! Those poinsettias are amazing massed like that. I picked up a couple of tiddlers yesterday from the shoppes to stick into a silver ice bucket. There's a shrub in flower nearby which is like the gift that keeps on giving with its blooms. Nobody touches it, which is very decent of my 'hood.

  6. Those poinsettias are just gorgeous! We'll be delivering gifts the same way soon. Sigh.

  7. It is an impressive, colourful sight, all those poinsettias! Personally, I am not their biggest fan, but they certainly bring on the Christmas cheer.
    The glimpses of your cottage are, as always, lovely.

  8. What a beautiful array of poinsettias! I always wonder what these garden centers do with all the leftover plants at the end of the season.

    This Christmas is a bummer, isn't it? We were going to go to my aunt's house on Christmas day for an early dinner but we couldn't figure out a good way to all social distance and my aunt and her husband refuse to wear masks in their house, so we declined on going. Then we were going to drop off my mom's gifts to her on Christmas Eve but she said she wanted to be alone that day (she's actually been working PT - yep, at 80 years old!) and that Christmas doesn't mean much to her anyway. *sigh* Well, Brian and I will just have to count our blessings that we have each other. We'll just relax and enjoy the time together.

  9. What a stunning display of Poinsettias, Mary. We have one trying to bloom outside the dining room window, but the heat is causing it to wilt! It is trying its best for Christmas Day. The tree ornament is very beautiful, and I would have it in a heartbeat. In Australia, sad to relate, images of the Nativity, the very origin of Christmas, are almost totally absent in shopping centres and public places, on Christmas cards or Christmas decorating. I am starting my own campaign to rectify this, sending only Nativity cards, and am searching for a Christmas lighting scene for our front garden. Merry Christmas dear Mary. xxx

  10. I love poinsettias this time of year. What beauties at the nursery!! I bought one white one at the first of the month. After it dropped it's leaves I snipped the flowers and made bouquets throughout the house. I am still enjoying them, but in a different way.


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