Thursday, December 3, 2020

It's beginning to look. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . a little bit like Christmas!

Yesterday we did venture out for several hours of necessary 
shopping - food for now, and for Christmas. 
This included a visit to the World Market store as they are now stocking
 the shelves with international delicacies such as British goodies. 
I must have jars of Robertson's sweet mincemeat to make my traditional
 mince pies, a Walker's Christmas pudding (I no longer make my own), 
a big tin of Quality Street chocolates (Brits reading this will understand)
 and other, yummy items which I only see during the holiday season. . . . and
will erase dieting from the to do list for a few weeks!

Speaking of coming weeks. . . . . . not many remaining before the 25th!
This cute December barn board calendar caught my eye in Target ($5). 
Even I will remember the day as I move the wreath on the way to
 pour my morning coffee!
I've started decorating and today I plan to finish up, both inside
and out as rain is coming tomorrow. Not doing quite as much this year
 for obvious reasons - the main one being no parties indoors.  
I still want to enjoy candlelit holiday evenings sitting by the hearth
 though, and perhaps, if lucky, the weather will be kind over the holidays
 and allow some distanced porch sitting with some family and friends.

Are you planning to decorate?
We should share our favorite Christmas ornaments in the 
coming weeks - it would be fun.


  1. Oh, I do love Quality Street. The green triangle is my favourite. That barn board calendar is cute. I technically started decorating last week but then we had a misadventure with the tree lights and had to stop until we managed to find some that were warm white not icy white. Will finish off this weekend.

  2. Totally understand your shopping list, so similar to mine!

  3. I like your Advent calendar...rustic, simple, and farmhouse inspired. I am glad that you are ordering favorite foods and that you are decorating. My tree is up and now to finish it.

  4. I love that calendar! Good thing I haven't been in a Target in quite awhile. ;-)

    My decorating is done. Minimal - as usual, maybe even moreso - this year.

    One good thing about living in the Chicago metropolitan area, is that our grocery stores have international food aisles. There is much more variety of int'l foods in these stores than in World Market. You would love the massive grocery store they built just two miles down the road from my house last year. One entire long aisle each dedicated to British, European, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, etc foods. It's so fascinating just to take a walk down these aisles, looking at all the different foods!

  5. That's a cute calendar! It's not looking very much like Christmas here quite yet, but I hope to do some this evening and over the weekend. It will be just for the two of us, but I love the glow of the Christmas tree, and all the decorations that tell stories about our family and our past.

  6. That's a really lovely calendar. I don't decorate much anymore. We've had rain for many, many days now, but next week is looking to be sunny. We need a chance to dry out since everything is super soaked and this desert country isn't used to being so wet. Sure doesn't seem like there will be any real gatherings still for some time. A friend from here moved to New York and is thinking to come back on the 21st for a visit, but she'll have 2 weeks of quarantine and then only 2 weeks to get out. I think she's crazy but we'll see what happens. She often changes her mind about things. :) Take care. Stay safe.

  7. The barn board Advent calendar is really nice! Knowing your knack for decoration, I am not surprised that whatever you set up in and around your home looks good.
    So far, I have pulled out only a few bits from my Christmas deco box. Somehow, time seems running away from me a lot these days, and when I finally finish work, I don't feel like doing much anymore. But this weekend is forecast to be rather wet and not very walking-friendly, and so O.K. and I might spend more time indoors, giving me a chance to do some more Christmas-related things.
    I have not yet written a single card except for the ones to my clients (during working hours).

  8. Looking very festive Mary and I love your Christmas calendar and a bargain at $5 !
    I shall start to decorate for Christmas in about a week ..... I said to our children/grandchildren that perhaps, I wouldn't do a tree this year or maybe a small one but was met with shouts of NOooo !!! So, a big tree it is ! XXXX

  9. Love your calendar. I have my tree up and decorated. That is it for this year. I don't have much furniture to place Christmas decor on. I have my shopping done as far as gifts go. My cards went out in yesterdays mail.

  10. I will start sharing pictures of Christmas decorating and baking probably at the end of the week. Love your barn board find. But best of all the things from World Market sounds wonderful. Yummm! I do have some mincemeat ready for tarts. One of my favorites of the season.

  11. I love your calender and I love to hear all about the sweet treats you are coveting. I made mincemeat pies, from Robertsons' mincemeat and sent them to my dad for his birthday, they are his favorite. I have read and heard about Quality street many times but I have never tried a tin.


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