Monday, December 28, 2020

Little pops of color -

The amaryllis and Christmas cactus 'garden' on the dining room table - our
sunny spot - now has the cutest ceramic toadstools popping out of two pots!  
They are a gift which I'm really enjoying while sitting here awaiting new
 growth and hopefully blooms in the coming months.
After New Year's Eve we'll be 'taking down' Christmas, packing away
 the much-loved decorations, hoping they will make their way here
 lighting and brightening a more normal holiday season when December
 rolls around again!

Taking a little break for a few days as many of you seem to be doing 
this week.  Will return New Year's Eve. . . . . . . . . after all there's
really nowhere else to go!!!!
Take care dear blog friends - stay well and safe - and thank you for
stopping by often during this very different year. 
Your visits and kind words always make me happy. 
Hugs to everyone.


  1. Always a joy to see green popping through the soil. Enjoy these final days of this most unusual year. Take care.

  2. Love those mushrooms!

    I started taking Christmas down on the 26th but it's all in heaps in the basement. This afternoon, me and hubby are going to sort it all out and pack it away for yet another year. Always a dreaded chore but it will be nice to be done with it all. I'm looking forward to a clean start - physically and mentally! :-)

  3. I love toadstools. It is always so pretty there. I hope to travel somewhere with you soon as long as it's not cold.

  4. Love the little toadstools! Happy New Year to you and Bob. xo

  5. Dearest Mary,
    Lovely corner with unfolding new life is the best for HOPE.

  6. I always like the neutrals, but small pops of color just make me smile.
    Enjoy your time away and reflection. I thought I might leave my decorations up longer, but now that Christmas is over I will be ready to take down soon. I will leave some lights here and there just to make it through the winter.

  7. Dear Mary, enjoy the rest, peace and quiet of this very particular time of year - this time, between two very particular years!
    I will travel home on Jan. 2, rest on the Sunday and start work again on Monday, the 4th. On the 6th is traditionally the day for taking down the Christmas decoration, always something that leaves me with mixed feelings.

  8. Dear Mary,
    Looks like you will have 100% success rate with your Amaryllises. Congratulations.

  9. Wishing you a healthy happy new year!!!!!

  10. What a bright and pretty corner with the new growth and those cute mushrooms. I think I will take down the tree before New Year's Eve this year, but leave lots of white lights on the mantels and around the windows for twinkliness - something much needed just now.

  11. Mary, this is lovely! My amaryllis has just bloomed. I have five others, all white waiting.
    Happy New Year to you and Bob. Loved the Christmas greetings!

  12. I like your colorful mushrooms. Happy holidays to you.

  13. Lovely display. I went ahead and took all my decorations inside yesterday. I love that feeling of starting clean on New Year's Eve. Have a Happy New Year!

  14. Happy New Year, Mary!

    Thank you for all the bright and beautiful things I can count on finding here every month of the year. I hope the new year finds you discovering more and more to share in your unique and warm style. God's blessings!


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