Monday, December 14, 2020

All Around the House . . . . . . . Part 1


I completed my Christmas decorating around the house, then sat for a
couple of far too warm days for December, wondering why.

Why was I doing all this when Bob and I might be the only people to see
 the sparkle in dark corners and on tabletops and shelves. The flickering
 of candles all around, Rudolph's red nose, a golden stag, a whiff of fresh
 pine from the mantel, an angel frame with an angel photo of someone
 very special, and tiny trees of silver, green and some snow dusted.
Now, after a week of early dusks, after my afternoon cup of tea, I'm in love
with the routine of lighting the candles, the Christmas tree and large paper
 stars in the gazebo, the small metal tree with my collection of birds, hearts,
stars and vintage chandelier crystals. . . . . . and then the outdoor lights.

It's not perfect this year, and I didn't put out every ornament, but the sparkle
 and glow is making these now darker, colder evenings very pleasant.
I'm so glad I made the effort . . . . . off now to listen some 
Christmas music.
More peeks around the house next time.


  1. It's always nice to have a change of scenery and since we can't venture far from home, we have to change things up indoors. I always loved the festive spirit of the season and the lights that add a little charm and coziness to the dark winter nights. That being said, I've not done anything yet to decorate around here so I'd better get on it. :)

  2. For all sorts of reasons (being busy, none of the usual entertaining due to covid19,frantically downsizing for house move, and going away for a week on Christmas Day) I've put up far fewer decorations this year. But like you, I have found joy in the pieces that are on display. Christmas blessings 🎄

  3. I bet you can guess which is my favourite of your decorations! :-)
    One of your decorative objects gives the answer why you did all this: "Have YOURSELF a merry little Christmas!"
    If yourself and Bob are not worth the effort, I don't know who should be, dear Mary!

  4. It all looks lovely , Mary....and we all enjoy seeing your home, even if you cant have neighbours and friends in.

  5. Pretty peeks Mary. The only thing I did was decorate the tree. We don't have a dining table yet, no place to really decorate until we get more settled!

  6. I questioned the why of what I did with Christmas decor around our home, too when it's just the two of us. But then I realized that the two of us should indeed be the main reason I did it for! I love the lights and sparkle this time of year when it's dull and cold. However, last night I was looking around my kitchen and living room and already thinking, "I'm overwhelmed by all this Christmas decor - I can't wait til it's gone again!" ha ha

  7. Silver spools! What a beautiful idea. It's mostly only ever the two of us to see the decorations, but I love our tinsel tree, most especially, and we never neglect the lights every day. Usually a team effort, Mr P decorated it by himself for the first time, as I was a bit out of sorts, and I never even made one "helpful" suggestion as I watched him at it :)

  8. Mary, you echoed all of my feelings. It took awhile for me to say yes, I want the treasures, memories and sparkle. And without entertaining or having to go to numerous holiday parties, I have the time to arrange, add, delete, and simply enjoy. Al has actually participated, he surprised me when I came home this afternoon after errands. I spotted the Christmas tree garland in the bay window as I pulled my car into the driveway which I knew I hadn't added, and I came in to find he had added more ornaments to the tree and had set up the manger. Simple things...

    I enjoyed your tour: Mary and Bob style, never lacking in the simple but beautiful!😘. As always, gorgeous photos!


  9. My young man from the Forest Service brought the most perfect little tree yesterday. That and the new snow is just what I needed to finish decorating. Thank you for all the good ideas I see in your pretty collage.


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